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New Rare Futures video:

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My sister @beitiak will stomp all over the art world. Crushing it last night at SVA NYC open studios. Super proud... and also jealous. 
#beitiak #svanyc #openstudios
(Photos stolen from @sarahmdaley )
Playing with my good friend & accidental mentor @samwaymon tomorrow night at @shrineharlem. Celebrating Nina's induction. Happy 420. 
#samwaymon #ninasimone #420  #rockandrollhalloffame
In-house jungle starter kit from the best botanist I know @hales625. Aiming to keep the plant death rate below 50%. But  if my goldfish are any sort of barometer, we might be in trouble.
My sister @beitiak made me a shirt with an artistic rendering of the Bristol Stool Chart on it. I am now throwing out all my other shirts.
#tshart #beitiak #bristolstoolchart
New #casters for the #bass #amp
Saw my friends & former employers @therealtdh last night in NYC. Music is polished. Current tech/road crew are on point. @gavincastleton has a new hat. I won't tell you what it says; you'll have to go to one of the last shows.
I'm still waiting for my 401k info though. Guys, call me about my retirement plan options when you have a second.
Music alert, beep beep or whatever! Playing local tonight with a supergroup of my oldest musical cohorts.
Dave Reiss & His Prehistoric Friends at @maureensjazzcellar. 11 PM, $10. Lots of instrument switching; everybody is singing; special guests; we’ll even be dipping into the Saber Tooth Trio catalogue. 
myself - Drums / guitar / vocals
@natasha_dimarco - Vocals / percussion
@davereissmusic - Bass / vocals
@shwizzhimself - Guitar / piano / drums / vocals
@emkemm12 - Guitar / vocals
#maureensjazzcellar #sabertoothtrio #mrbreakdown #rarefutures #shwizz #ianbassa #bobbydeitchband #diazepam #formanband
Repost @rarefutures
We done did it! New album is out today on all the streams. (FYI: recommend the bandcamp version because it has a few extra bells & whistles) 
First official release from @cerebralmusicgroup. Dawn of an era. Lace your boots and poop some chutes cuz we're comin for ya
//// New @rarefutures live video dropped yesterday! (“Rare Futures - Up Late” on youtube.) Drummers, this one has lots of fun stuff in it. This song has passed down through a lineage of drummers I love - began as a @happybodyslowbrain tune in the hands of @etorresmusic, then continued through @jtorresdrums; now it’s translated through my stupid mitts.
This tune will also be on “This is Your Brain on Live" which comes out on the steamies Friday! AND it’s the first official release from our own label @cerebralmusicgroup ! This is the culmination of lots of creative people putting their domes together and working their asses off. So proud of the whole team. So happy to know all these people. So confused about the quality of jokes. 
@mattfazzi @arispectator @alexmarans @megfazzi @makelinphotography @siignal @yaytour
#rarefutures #happybodyslowbrain #thisisyourbrainonlive #thisisyourbrainonlove #tiybol #livealbum #livemusic #spaceacademy #cerebralmusicgroup #cmg
Homies & foamies. New @rarefutures
live record "This Is Your Brain on LIVE" comes out on all the streamies THIS FRIDAY 3.30.2018. First official release from @cerebralmusicgroup. Proud and excited.
|| album cover: @makelinphotography
#rarefutures #thisisyourbrainonlive #tiybol #foamies #foamcorner
Engineering some @emkemm12 guitar for @brightdogred last night. Been making music with MK on and off for 10+ years. Easy to channel the inner weirdness. Still makes a guitar squeal for mercy.
The #RME #UFX interface still one of the most worthy investments.
#pleasekillme #squeal #brightdogred #forman #guitar #engineer
Repost @rarefutures
//// During our winter run with @envyonthecoast, we made a comfy pit stop at #outpostcity in Asbury Park NJ where we were interviewed for @audioaddictionmedia. We had a fun & loose time chatting with Brandon; we got rowdy & made his job harder by not answering questions concisely. It’s a sprawling conversation that covers a wide range of musical topics. Check it out, you may learn some surprising things. Which one of us usually plays an instrument? Who among us will listen to Brian Wilson until his head caves in? Which one of us wakes Rx Bandits up in the middle of the night to compliment them? This and more...
They’ve posted almost the entire interview on YouTube. Search “Audio Addiction Rare Futures”, or bust your ass copying this link:
#rarefutures #audioaddiction #outpostcity