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Another from the last year, last year.
(🎵 : mr. bungle 'the air-conditioned nightmare')
#mrbungle #beach
Bike cycles, from exactly a year ago.
30th and probably final visit
(🎵 : ween 'exactly where i'm at')
#ween #bike
Persistent swarm / winter
(🎵 nels cline: epiphyllum)
It Breathes
I went to see @realstanhope last night with Matty del Ballz. It was beautiful and ugly and real and hilarious. Here's Clementine sleeping on my feet. Her mom won her in the custody battle.
Moved back to Nyack, rode a bike, took a risky trail, found raspberry bush the deer overlooked somehow, ate raspberries, laughed at stupid deer.
Powerman be workin
Last one from tour wrap-up. @ianfazzi doing the ninja thing, sacrificing his ears and lower back health to make the shows better. A kinetic bulldozer of energy. Most nights he would have the entire drum kit set up or broken down before I even noticed. Man with 100 hands and no need for sleep.
The @futurecastlemusic tour would have been almost impossible if not for these 2: @megfazzi, Tour Manager who takes no guff, and @ianfazzi Lead Tech & Misc Everything who literally does not stop moving once in motion. The RF & More team is unbeatable with these 2 bozos around. Besides the obvious math of having extra hands and brains to help take care of things, they are 2 of the most determined and no-bullshit people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I can't wait to play sportsmansball with them again soon.
#futurecastle #rarefutures #urkl #nobullshit #sportsmansball
What a month. Gavin Castleton fuses with Rare Futures. Other pop culture meetings, real or imagined, that may come close to matching the Induced Pregnancy Rate: Chicago playing with Earth Wind and Fire, cast of Seinfeld moving into the Friends building, and John McClane having a baby with Hans Gruber.
#diehard #seinfeld #friends #chicago #earthwindandfire #hansgruber #haagendasz 
#rarefutures #gavincastleton #futurecastle
Arrived at JFK at 830 am with Ari. Kaitie picked us up, dropped Ari at his crib, and drove us to her place, where I took her car and left her to get ready for work.
I've never been to Central Park before despite living practically next to it for 30 years. I decided to make a pit stop to explore it and have some time to reflect on the tour, the past month, the past year, and onward. After a few hours of wandering a heavy rain came out of nowhere, trapping me under an awning with a backpack full of electronics. I was planning on sitting still for a while anyway, but I couldn't help enjoying the random luck of being forced to stay put for a while, sitting comfortable and dry, surrounded by a rainstorm and quietly chatting families. 
There is no conclusion to be drawn from this.
Huge thanks to @jtorresdrums / @jteye88 for loaning me 92% of a drum kit for the west coast run of tour. Such a generous loan. It sounded beautiful and I only dropped it down 2 flights of stairs and one loading ramp.
Besides being one of my favorite drummers, he also makes a corned beef hash so delicious it's downright sinful. Go to his house and ask for some. If he's not home, just ask his family if you can hang in the living room til he's back. It's fine, trust me.
#cornedbeef #drums