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Playing in the house band for Todd Glass (@thetoddglassshow) this weekend in NJ - me on drums, and everyone’s favorite tinkler Will Burgaleta from #Diazepam on keyboards. 
Nov 24 & 25 (2 shows each night) at @bananascomedyclubnj in Hasbrouck Heights NJ. Get tickets on their website ‘cuz I think their instagram is empty. I believe @chipchantry is opening. 
I’ve loved stand-up comedy since I was a kid, and Todd is one of my favorites… to be on a comedy stage because of music instead of being funny feels like I snuck through a back door. Works for me. 
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moments before getting bludgeoned by King Crimson this past saturday at the beacon. (maybe also peaking just a bit.) it was an incredible and transformative experience; no hyperbole, it was my favorite art-related thing I've ever seen — including concerts, movies, albums, and everything else.

This is at the tail end of two months (mostly) away from social media. There are many opportunities to entertain ourselves within the digital landscape; it’s easy to forget about checking in on your natural state of mind. Worldwide connectivity is an amazing and valuable thing, but it's important to remember all these things are Opt-In: we ALL have a choice of how much to participate, how much to let it leak into our lives. 
I’m not at all opposed to the proliferation of a digital life - I just refuse to participate at a level that feels unreal or unhealthy. That point is different for all of us. I want to keep a centered connection to my mind, my body, and the people I love & respect around me. @hales625 and I have been paired up for a long time - first as strangers, then roommates, then as a couple, then as a partnership, and now as friends. Shewas the perfect person to take this ride with.

King Crimson was a largely phone-free event (intentionally - it was policed harshly) and it was refreshing. But besides that, there’s something undeniable and primal about seeing humans at the peak of a lifetime of artful expression coming together to create something so unique and frightening and beautiful. 
I’ve heard it said before, but now I get it... I was crushed by The Mighty Hand of King Crimson.

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Mom's house
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//// This Thursday, don't blow it! 🤘🏽🎸🚀🗽✌🏽 🚪🚪: 8pm // RF plays at 830pm!
Selling a bunch of music gear. It’s on ebay, reverb, craigslist, et al., but the easiest place to see all links is -> <- Send me a message if interested & i’ll pull it off the sites. Just a handful for now, but more to be added in the coming weeks.

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Fitting last show before they gut the beautiful, dirty, old insides of Webster and turn it into something shiny.
Today's #mentalhealth rap:
dope? nope. often solo, mostly mope. keep hope, maybe i'll run over the pope.
Partial setup from last night with @brightdogred . 
Playing drums with Sam Waymon tonight at @silvanaharlem, 8-10 pm.
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Honored to play with @brightdogred back in Nyack tomorrow. I'll be playing guitar plus some miscellaneous noisemakers.
Another from the last year, last year.
(🎵 : mr. bungle 'the air-conditioned nightmare')
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Bike cycles, from exactly a year ago.
30th and probably final visit
(🎵 : ween 'exactly where i'm at')
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Persistent swarm / winter
(🎵 nels cline: epiphyllum)