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On tour with Gavin Castleton & the Dear Hunter.
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Some dope footage from Albuquerque, shot by @grant_slayer. I tell ya, millennials really know their social media.
Day 42, soundcheck in a church. @therealtdh at the Irenic in San Diego CA. 
#theirenic #sandyeggo #whalesvagina
Day 41, @eisley yesterday at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix. I get my ears soothed every night while breaking down equipment. Aural balm.
#eisley #crescentballroom
Day 40 yesterday. Nice parking job in Albuquerque.
Day 39 off yesterday. Structures in Amarillo, TX.
Day 38. Waiting for the bus to be repaired in Fort Worth TX.
#bus #emc2
Day 37 Dallas.
"Ohhhh hey"
@therealtdh #nee #thefinalacttour
Repost @some1wakeme ・・・
Day 36 Austin TX soundcheck.
We've been #blessed. @etorrestv and @some1wakeme are sitting in on all the TX shows. This video features neither of them, but was taken by one of them. Close. No cigar.
#soundcheck #cigars #gavincastleton
Day 35 Houston.
My love for street tacos is only eclipsed by my love of blurry photographs of street tacos. Look into the taco.
Day 34 Gulfport, Miss.
Won't say the name of where I ate today, but it rhymes with Taco Hell.
Day 33. Deja vu, Dijon mustard. Back in the same spot I stood 5 months ago at The Social in Orlando. @rarefutures was the opener on tour with @therealtdh and @obrothermusic back in May. I had never met any of them before (minus Uncle Caz). First date of tour. We hit bad Florida traffic and arrived 20 mins before our set. The other bands helped us blitz right onstage and we started only 1 minute late. What an introduction. Seems like years ago. Now I'm back in the same spot... played music as a part of @gavincastleton & the Blood Razordsters, watched a great set by @eisley, and now doing Stage / Tech / Momo Duty for TDH. Great times, yet I still miss the beefcake vibes from RF & @obrothermusic. @arispectator @mattfazzi @jassofbass @johnnydang @jordanleemcghin
@makeithappenmike @tanner_merritt 
#dejavu #dijonvu #beefcake #baywatch
Day 32 day off in Floridita. Digging the local food options.