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Me @my last Saturday in NYC, playing then hiding from the reality that this is it
Future Washington University in St. Louis of San Francisco Alum .
Dm/ text me for all the canned answers to all your pressing questions
First time for everything! #jacksonhole thanks for letting me out of here in one piece! .
On a more serious note, I am grateful more than ever today for new experiences like these and for having the chance to experience life to its fullest. To all my friends who marched and all those standing up to end gun violence today - I want to say thank you. My heart aches for those who unfairly and senselessly lost their lives and therefore do not have the chance to experience a day like I was blessed to have today. #Enough is #enough
My forever Valentines. Also @romaindaubec ily
Old friends in new places. Sorry John. #slc #cropjohn2018
Happy Anniversary Swag to my one and only. One down and, realistically, like, 50/60 more to go. ❤️❤️❤️
Your future bosses #2018letsgo
Behind the scenes. Happy Holidays 🐱🎁🎄
Fought some tourists in line to take this pic
Had the most amazing weekend with my most amazing fiancé/hubby and our amazing friends who made our engagement party one to remember. I’m feeling overwhelmed with love and gratitude for all the special people in my life. And for my cats.
Congratulations to @brookehamroff, Brooke’s dad, @messjayy, Mike and all of the amazing New Yorkers who ran (or cheered) at the Marathon today! l hate exercise but running beside you all screaming for 30 seconds was exhilarating and was the runners high I’ve always craved. You’re all an inspiration ❤️❤️❤️