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Have fun on your France vaycay @romaindaubec. I'll miss watching tiny house hunters with you in our tiny house #comeback #mulu
Happy #internationalcatday to the real loves of my life (sorry @romaindaubec). These are two different cats and they both find me equally repulsive but I ❤️them and will force squeeze them for the rest of time
I guess it's official now @romaindaubec
I got one girl, and she my girl❤️ #6
Never have I ever edited an insta photo to make myself look better #tanner #firstonein #lastoneout
Bliss: a portrait
Happy Fathers Day @klopper58 I love you and our Atlanta vacation ❤️❤️❤️
Welcome to New York #itsbeenwaitingforyou #ad
This weekend I learned that female humpback whales want to mate as quickly as possible so they can go back to finding something to eat  which is basically me with every activity #spiritanimal #imhungry
I can't understand why I'm not insta famous #barcelona #followback
Harry ain't never played tag cause he always been it 🐶😍#yorkiesofinstagram #winetime
Llámame chef. #barcelona #paella