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The show was incredible 洟ゥ笨鯉ク @moncler 
It was lit沐・沛沽懺汨
NBA All star weekend 沛沛汳・沒クwith cuties 笶、ク条沽 #NBAstarweekend
Moka is powerful! That is...she makes everyone smile and she makes everyone..沽泗芋洫。
Happy late Valentine窶冱 Day沍ケ沁ャ@patmcgrathreal
I went to Jimmy's painting atelier with my twin brother汳乏ose and Smile by me and Black&gold by my brother!! We had so much fun!!Thank you for having us @jimmypaintz 汳
I changed my hair color汨ス笨鯉ク
I went to check out a denim factory today and was really surprised by the whole process. It's really interesting洟凪晢ク条汨
I always feel thankful to be able to live on this beautiful earth. Water, plants, animals... We are all family. I hope people stop hurting each other and don't forget to feel gratitude沍ウ泄
I went to Kanazawa again to learn more about traditional plates! The more I learn about them, the more I love them洫。 驥第イ「縺ォ縺縺縺吶″縺ェ縺顔堊繧譁蛹悶r蜍牙シキ縺励↓縺縺」縺溘h縲(^o^)縺縺、繧ょ・・縺梧キア縺上※諢溷虚縺吶k縺ェ縺≫仄ク条泗