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Match your playlist with The New #GalaxyA2017 colors. What’s your favorite? #BornToExplore
Worry no more on rainy season, The New #GalaxyA2017 is water resistant. #BornToExplore
Show your true colors with The New #GalaxyA2017! Black, Gold, Blue, and Peach, which one would you pick? #BornToExplore
What would you like to capture on the beach? 
Photo captured by @raraspramudya using #Gear360. #360Stories
There's beauty everywhere. That's why you have to capture in 360 degrees. Photo captured by @kadekarini using #Gear360.#360Stories  #360Stories #Gear360
It’s moments like this, and photo like this, that you’ll remember forever. Photo captured by @kadekarini using #Gear360.#360Stories #360
"Sometimes sweet things just placed of your plate." Another lucky winner from #LateNightFoodies photo hunting challenge in Bandung. Congratulations @kevinlineria !
Finally, It's been a great journey!

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A mouth-watering Satay with a cup of hot cappucinno for dinner.

What more could you ask for?

Once again, Congratulations @alfiyudin for being one of our lucky winners at the #LateNightFoodies photo hunting challenge in Bandung.


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There's always a place for dessert!

A guilty pleasure chocolate cake picture created by @dollytaufik. Congratulations for winning the #LateNightFoodies photo hunting challenge in Bandung


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✓ Passport
✓ Sunglass
Best companion to travel with. 
#Livesuper #GalaxyTabS2
Checking out the city travel references,
While waiting for the hotel room to be ready.
#LiveSuper #GalaxyTabS2
One last business email, before the weekend starts.
#LiveSuper #GalaxyTabS2