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Capture every color and shade perfectly with the Galaxy S9 | S9+ camera. Its Dual Aperture lens will easily adjust to the lighting, so you will get the best picture possible.

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Dare to make an epic splash? Express your true colors and capture it 4x slower with the Super Slow-Mo camera on Galaxy S9 | S9+. Show us your own epic photos or videos using the hashtag #WithGalaxy!

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Did you enjoy some artistic activity this weekend? Share your #EpicStyle moments using the hashtag #WithGalaxy and you might get featured on our page!

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Hair? Flawless. Clothes? On point. 💅👰 Show off your fabulous style in a more fun and epic way through My Emoji!

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It’s always calming to watch the waves…

Especially knowing that you’ll look great for the day!

Capture your everyday moments 4x slower with the Galaxy S9 | S9+ Super Slow-Mo camera, so you can see the epic in every detail.

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Always ready to look epic and fabulous anytime with the Dual Aperture camera from the amazing Galaxy S9 | S9+. Any light condition is no issue!

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All eyes of sports fans throughout Asia and the world will turn to the 18th of Asian Games 2018. Are you ready for it?

Epic rhythmic gymnastic, Taken #WithGalaxy #SamsungxAsianGames2018
The spirit to face the 18th Asian Games 2018 is already here! Let's welcome the epic excitement together.

#WithGalaxy #SamsungxAsianGames2018
We were proud to join the 18th Asian Games Parade 2018, last Sunday. Can't wait to witness the energy of Asia that will be held, here in Indonesia less than 100 days? Be ready for our Galaxy Team. Stay tuned!

Upping your game is so easy now with the 4x slower Super Slow-Mo camera from Galaxy S9 | S9+. Show your epic Super Slow-Mo video on your feed and tag it with the hashtag #WithGalaxy so we can see and share it to the world!

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Keep striving for the best you this Sunday. Show your determination and capture every #EpicSports moment 4x slower with the Galaxy S9 |S9+ Super Slow-Mo camera.

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Any where, any time, and in any light condition, the Galaxy S9 | S9+ camera is ready to capture the action, thanks to the awesome Dual Aperture lens!

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