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Actress, Model, TV Host, Brand Ambassadors
& Business Woman from Indonesia
Disney Freak 👑
Contact Manager @kartikadewi20

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Hari ini penayangan premiere film Multiverse: The 13th Step di XXI Epicentrum, Jakarta. Jadi gak sabar untuk menyaksikan langsung di bioskop terdekat. Jangan sampai ketinggalan untuk mengetahui film bergenre Scifi pertama di Indonesia ini yah! 24 Mei 2017, save the date! #multiversemovie #multiversethe13thstep
As a part of every girl's childhood dream, being as pretty as Barbie when we grow up is always on the top of our mind. To be like Barbie with just a swap of outfit is no longer a dream, it's such a dream come true.
Dress by @mbymischa x Barbie

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A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye & gives it a wink 😉
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