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Small businesses are heart of their communities and create the majority of jobs. That's why we started Facebook Community Boost, our new free program to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses and help people learn digital skills so they can find great jobs. Today we kicked off Community Boost in Houston and I got to meet some inspiring people who are taking our trainings – like Ekiria Collins from @YorkiesofHouston couldn't find anyone to make a website for her business, so she taught herself to code and built her own. Now she's grown from a one woman show to 30 employees. Thank you to everyone who’s making Community Boost possible and to all the small businesses making a difference in their communities.
Got to meet a real-life superwoman yesterday. @manirostom has achieved so many firsts – from being the first Egyptian woman to run the Great Wall Marathon to being the first woman in a hijab in a Nike campaign after she emailed them asking to see more women like her in ads. Manal, thank you breaking down barriers and being an inspiration to us all 💪
Fact: in the 1980s, women made up 35% of computer science grads in the US. Now that number is 17%. Today I got to meet a room full of brilliant women getting their PhDs in CS. We need to get more women like them into the field. Because until that happens, women are missing out on great jobs – and the world is missing out on their great ideas. I'm grateful to them for leading the way and for inspiring the next generation of women in tech. #LeanIn
Sharing wisdom from an elementary school classroom where I spent the weekend watching my daughter debate
So grateful to meet @janetmock at @facebook’s Pride Leadership Day, a chance for our LBGTQ community to inspire and empower one another. We talked about her experience as an author and powerful voice for change – and what it means to find your purpose in life and be unapologetically you.
One of the best ways to spend #internationalwomensday? Surrounded by remarkable women who lift up their communities. All of them use @facebook in different ways, but they share something in common: they’re a true force for good leading the way forward – and reaching back to bring others with them 🙌
It was an honor to go Live on #InternationalWomensDay with the inspiring Musimbi Kanyoro from @globalfundwomen. She's a true leader in the fight to protect and strengthen women’s rights around the world. Check out our conversation on my Facebook Page! #IWD2018
On #InternationalWomensDay, we’re asking people to celebrate the women who’ve made a difference in their lives. I'm thinking of all the women who paved the way before me – and the new generations who will show the world what they're made of. This year's IWD theme is “Press for Progress” and it's an urgent reminder that there's a lot more to do to reach gender equality. We have to keep on pressing. Because when women succeed, we all win. #credither
Over the last five years, LeanIn.Org has been one piece of a mosaic of women’s organizations fighting for change around the world. I have seen the difference these efforts make in the lives of so many women, and I am determined to keep marching forward. See my Facebook page for more on five years of @LeanInOrg – the progress we’ve made, the work we have left to do, and the incredible community we’ve built along the way.
Nothing like helping a new generation of girls learn about the incredible women who came before them – so they can take on the world next 💪. What books do you love about women by women? #womenshistorymonth
Went Live with the inspiring @taranajaneen, who started #MeToo long before hashtags were a thing. We talked about the movement, her work over the years supporting survivors of sexual violence – particularly girls and women of color – and what all of us can do to put an end to sexual harassment and assault. Check out my Facebook page for more.
Today is Equal Pay Day for Asian American and Pacific Islander women. That means AAPI women have to work all of 2017 and up to today – nearly two months into 2018 – to catch up with what white men earned in 2017 alone. Plus, when you separate the data by ethnicity, the disparities grow. Women with Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander heritage experience some of the widest pay gaps in the United States: Vietnamese-American women, for example, earn just 62 percent of what a white man does. As the first Equal Pay Day of the year, this day often doesn't get the attention it deserves. It's time to change that – because every woman, no matter the color of her skin or where she was born, deserves fair pay.