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So grateful to former FB employees @CharlotteWillner and @DWillner. Their FB fundraiser for @raicestexas has raised more than $19 million to help children separated from their families in Texas. Incredible.
If you love watching long-form videos from your favorite creators (slime making tutorials, anyone?), then you’ll love IGTV – a new app and space within @instagram where you can watch and upload longer, vertical videos. Thanks to everyone who inspires us daily on Instagram, which is now an incredible community of 1 billion people.
Getting ready to celebrate the MIT class of 2018 with president L. Rafael Reif 🎓
Proud of my college roommate @carolineweber2018 for her new book Proust’s Duchess – a look at the women who inspired one of the most famous characters from French novelist Marcel Proust. While researching her book, Carrie also discovered two lost Proust essays that people will be studying for years to come. Yeah Carrie!
Great perspective from Shunta Grant – a business owner, mother, and mentor to other women entrepreneurs. Shunta was a lawyer in 2015 when she started making hair bows 🎀 for her daughter and posting photos of them here on @instagram. They instantly became a hit and she turned her late-night hobby into a full-time business – @becauseofzoe. Shunta joined us this week for our Community Boost program in Greenville, SC. Throughout the year, we’re visiting 50 cities to give free classes to help small businesses grow and teach people digital skills. You can find out more about our trainings at
Right now, 130 million girls around the world are out of school. 1 billion women don’t have access to a bank account. More than 14 million girls will become child brides this year. And women in every country are paid less than men. The gender gap is real but it’s wider and worse for women living in poverty. That’s why @ONECampaign started the #PovertyisSexist movement to demand that world leaders commit to and deliver on making positive changes for women. I’m proud to support this campaign and call for equality everywhere. Because none of us are equal until all of us are equal.
The other day I met @marisahamamoto and @piotr.iwanicki84, two dance partners – and dance heroes. Marisa started @infiniteflowdance studio after she became paralyzed from the neck down but miraculously started walking again. Her vision was to make dance accessible to everyone and now she uses @facebook to reach people all over the country. Piotr is one of the best wheelchair dancers in the world. Grateful to them for breaking barriers, fighting stereotypes, and proving that everyone deserves the chance to do what they love. #GlobalAccessibilityAwarenessDay
Just went Live on @facebook with @mikaelashiffrin, Olympic gold medalist and one of the world’s greatest skiers. Check out my Page to hear about her journey and why her helmet says “A.B.F.T.T.B” – Always Be Faster Than the Boys ⛷
Small businesses are heart of their communities and create the majority of jobs. That's why we started Facebook Community Boost, our new free program to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses and help people learn digital skills so they can find great jobs. Today we kicked off Community Boost in Houston and I got to meet some inspiring people who are taking our trainings – like Ekiria Collins from @YorkiesofHouston couldn't find anyone to make a website for her business, so she taught herself to code and built her own. Now she's grown from a one woman show to 30 employees. Thank you to everyone who’s making Community Boost possible and to all the small businesses making a difference in their communities.
Got to meet a real-life superwoman yesterday. @manirostom has achieved so many firsts – from being the first Egyptian woman to run the Great Wall Marathon to being the first woman in a hijab in a Nike campaign after she emailed them asking to see more women like her in ads. Manal, thank you breaking down barriers and being an inspiration to us all 💪
Fact: in the 1980s, women made up 35% of computer science grads in the US. Now that number is 17%. Today I got to meet a room full of brilliant women getting their PhDs in CS. We need to get more women like them into the field. Because until that happens, women are missing out on great jobs – and the world is missing out on their great ideas. I'm grateful to them for leading the way and for inspiring the next generation of women in tech. #LeanIn
Sharing wisdom from an elementary school classroom where I spent the weekend watching my daughter debate