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Empowering women in the workforce isn't just about fairness. It's also an economic imperative.

Great to join The Hamilton Project and @stanfordlawschool for a forum on policies to advance economic opportunities for women. #LeanIn
You know when you wake up excited for the day? Today was one of those days for me because it was Women’s Leadership Day for Facebook North America. Every year, we bring the amazing women in each region of Facebook together. We encourage each other in all aspects of our lives – to lean in at work and lead with conviction, to take the time to find personal fulfillment, and to lean on each other as friends and colleagues. This year's theme was lead with courage. Our guest speakers Leymah Gbowee and @ariannahuff inspired us not just to lead a meaningful life for ourselves – but to help give all women a chance to thrive. I'm really grateful for the women I work with at @facebook. We rely on each other to speak up for one another, to celebrate the good days, go for walks on the bad days, and to lift one another up day after day. #leanin
30 years since high school...we are all so different and yet all so the same. So grateful for childhood friends then and now.
Happy 7th birthday, @instagram! Instagram helps us create and show beauty in the world. Each of these petals was painted with love by @luciabalcazar, a Boston-based, Bolivian-born artist. The petals come together to create a flower – just as so many people come together on Instagram to express themselves. Congratulations to @kevin and @mikeyk and the amazing Instagram team – and deep thanks to the Instagram community all around the world. You inspire me every day.
"Humans are allergic to change. They love to say, 'We've always done it this way.' I try to fight that." The legendary Grace Hopper – one of the first computer programmers in history – said this. Today in her honor, more than 18,000 women in Orlando are attending the annual Grace Hopper conference – the largest gathering of women technologists in the world. 🙌 Amy Tang interviewed at Grace Hopper in 2013 for a Facebook internship and got an offer on the spot. After a summer, she joined us full-time as a software engineer. Amy fell in love with computer science accidentally. Her dad wouldn’t buy her a smartphone until she proved she could do something useful with it. So she taught herself how to code (yes, Amy!) and built a Tic Tac Toe app. Amy's story reminds me of Grace Hopper's. When Grace Hopper was 7 years old, she decided she wanted to figure out how clocks worked. One day when her mom wasn't around, she collected seven clocks and took each one apart. Here's to more women like Grace and Amy who find new ways of seeing things – and who change the world, one clock and one smartphone at a time.
Today would have been my husband Dave's 50th birthday.

Dave was one of the most generous people I’ve ever known. He gave his time, advice, and support to so many people that, to this day, I’m still hearing new stories about how he changed people’s lives. He set the standard for generosity for many others – and I strive every day to live up to his example and teach our children to follow in his footsteps.

Dave wanted to make our world a better place for everyone. And he was particularly passionate about education. So today, in honor of Dave’s life, Robert Goldberg, Paula Goldberg and I are thrilled to announce the Dave Goldberg Scholarship Program. Each year, working with @kippschools and Richard Barth, we’ll select 15 “Goldie Scholars” who share the qualities Dave exemplified in his life and work: leadership, resilience, character, independent thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit and achievement. Our goal is to provide Goldie Scholars with stipends to cover their financial needs, so they don’t have to get a job at college and can just focus completely on their studies.

We also want help them gain access to the kinds of support networks that other college students benefit from every day. So we’ll connect each Scholar with a Goldie Mentor to provide ongoing advice and guidance – the kind Dave was famous for giving – and the Goldie Connectors network will help them find meaningful internship and job opportunities. An amazing network of Dave’s friends and colleagues are joining together to make this possible and to give to others as Dave gave to all of us, and we’re deeply grateful to them all.

The students it supports will go on to change their communities and do a whole lot of good. They will add to the legacy of Dave’s life. For those of us who loved Dave and miss him every day, that means the world.
Wishing Ida Epstein – my sister's amazing grandmother-in-law – a happy 101st birthday!!! Ida's joy is as deep as her life is long – and she is going strong.
Businesses are built one customer at a time – and in a mobile world, one post at a time. Today we're announcing that more than 15 million businesses are now using Instagram Business Profiles and that more than 2 million active advertisers are using Instagram every month.  Many of them are small businesses like @querodobra, a company in Montenegro, Brazil that hand makes wallets from 100% biodegradable material. Eduardo Hommerding, Guilherme Massena, and Augusto Massena first got the idea for Dobra in 2013 when a university professor asked them to come up with a unique business plan. Now they work out of a large garage where they print the paper and fold it into a wallet – dobra means fold in Portuguese. Nine other people have joined their team, three of whom they hired through Facebook. Dobra also works with artists throughout Brazil who design the wallets and get a percentage of each sale. Thank you to all business owners who use Instagram and Facebook to grow and connect with even more customers.
On Rosh Hashanah, wishing everyone who celebrates a sweet and happy new year. As I reflect on the past year, I'm so grateful for the time I've been able to spend with my family and friends, for beautiful moments like tonight. And as another year passes without Dave, I am especially grateful for the birth of Dan and Esther's new baby girl who reminds us of the true beauty of the cycle of life. May all of our days ahead be filled with peace and justice, health and happiness, kindness and love. May hardship be followed by resilience and hope. And may death be followed by life.
Going Live on Facebook with Jake Gyllenhaal, whose new film Stronger tells the story of Jeff Bauman, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings. It pays tribute to Jeff's resilience and to the way a whole city embodied the phrase #BostonStrong. Join us!
Today the Found in Translation Exhibit is opening at @lacma. The exhibit shows the relationship in design and architecture between CA and Mexico over the last century. My favorite piece is this chest by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter. Mary was one of America's greatest architects but was virtually unknown because as a woman, most of her building designs were filed under the names of male engineers. The full extent of her incredible career was only discovered in the past decade. #leanin
In January, I had the honor of being in Berlin when Facebook opened the Digitales Lernzentrum Berlin – a place where refugees, seniors, and young people can go to learn digital skills. Today I got to meet Hadeer and Moaayad, two young refugees who are making a big difference. They both lead one-on-one workshops where they teach elderly people how to use smartphones and tablets. Since most of the older participants are native German speakers, Hadeer and Moaayad get to practice their German and learn about German culture at the same time. We want to do even more to help students succeed, so we’re increasing the number of classes at Digitales Lernzentrum for women, kids, and senior citizens. Everyone, no matter their age or background, deserves the opportunity to thrive in the digital world and we’re committed to doing all we can to help make this happen – class by class and student by student.