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There are now 25M businesses with profiles on Instagram! The best part? Most of them are small businesses.
People come to Instagram to discover individuals and businesses that share their passions and interests. More than 80% of people on Instagram follow a business and more than 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile every day.
These businesses are building strong communities. Catch Surf, a surf shop in San Clemente, California that makes high-performance surfboards, is a great example. They use Instagram as their visual shop, sharing pictures of their surfboards and going behind the scenes in their Instagram Stories to connect with their surf-obsessed followers. What they love most about Instagram is that it is so easy to use and manage, which is really important for their small team of people.
We are committed to helping people and businesses make meaningful connections. I'm so grateful to the team at Instagram for helping create these connections that help so many small businesses grow and thrive.
When my husband Dave died, friends and colleagues graciously asked, “Is there anything I can do?” One answer that came to mind felt like way too much of an imposition: “Can you make sure my children and I are never left alone on the holidays?” This is our family’s third holiday season without Dave. It still hurts – Dave loved this time of year, and after growing up in Minnesota, he especially loved the no-snow California winter. But it’s gotten better, and that’s thanks in large part to our amazing family and friends. They’ve done everything they can to support us through each and every holiday. And when we feel sad, even years later, nobody says, “Cheer up! It’s a celebration!” Instead, they say, “We get it. We love you. We’re here for you.” Everyone deserves that kind of support, especially at the holidays. That’s the idea behind a program that @optionb B is launching today: #OptionBThere. 
This time of year is not joyous for everyone. For someone who is struggling – whether with grief or another challenge – the holidays can make that burden feel even heavier. Even a simple “happy holidays” can feel like a blow. If you have a friend or loved one who’s having a hard time, knowing how to be there for them can make all the difference. 
OptionBThere is about helping all of us be there for each other – and acknowledging the elephant that remains in the room for so many people this time of year. We have expert advice for what you can do to help your friends and loved ones find moments of joy this holiday season. And if it’s you who’s having a hard time right now, we have #OptionBThere resources for you, too.

When people face major challenges like grief, we sometimes don’t know what to say or do, so we end up not doing or saying anything. OptionBThere is all about doing something. Send a card (like this one by our #OptionBThere collaborator @emilymcdowell_). Whatever you do, it’ll be a gesture of support support at a moment when your friend really needs it. And your kindness may mean more than you ever know.
For the fifth year in a row, #love was the top hashtag used on Instagram. Here’s to continuing to spread the love - and sharing something I love - coffee! #IGYearInReview
The weekend after Thanksgiving means one thing: #SmallBizSaturday, a time to show love to our favorite small business. I’m thinking of the Garza family who run @sietefoods. As a teenager, Veronica suffered from auto-immune issues and switched to a grain-free diet. She and her entire family of seven (siete!) joined her and started making their own tortillas. Today they’re sold in stores around the country. We're proud to work with small businesses like these and we’re excited to join @americanexpress to encourage people to #shopsmall. We all win when small businesses grow – and together, we can help them succeed.
I love this poem from Jasmin Kaur on the power of speaking up. We've been reminded daily over the past few months that when women's voices are heard, change happens. We help make the world a safer place for women and girls. But progress can't come quickly enough: across countries and cultures, women are struggling to survive physical, sexual, and psychological violence every day. Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the beginning of UN Women’s #16Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. It's up to all of us, regardless of our gender, to keep speaking up and taking action. So let's promise to do everything we can to make sure more women's voices are heard and more change happens.
We all feel like this the day after Thanksgiving...
Just went Live on Facebook with 8-year-old Cassydi for @unicefusa #WorldChildrensDay! It’s a day to show the world why kids’ voices matter, no matter how old they are. Cassydi loves to code and asked me some pretty great questions too ☺
Today's the UN Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a chance to celebrate women in business who lift up our communities and economies. I've been lucky enough to meet a lot of inspiring women business owners – like @kendrascott, who started her own jewelry line as a new mom in 2002 with $500 and went store to store with her son in a baby Bjorn. Now her jewelry is so popular it's sold in stores around the world. And out of her 2,000 employees, 98% are women. 🙌 Today we support women like Kendra and all the other women who deserve a chance to show this world what they're made of. #LeanIn
Hour 12 at debate. Kids going strong. Moms not so much.
Good Morning (from) Vietnam!

When we launched @leaninorg, my hope was that Lean In Circles would empower women in every corner of the globe to go after their dreams. I’m thrilled to be in Hanoi today to meet Cam-Van Bui. Cam-Van shared that several years ago, when she represented her company at a meeting (and was the only woman in the room), some men made inappropriate jokes at her expense. She decided that she wanted to make sure women facing gender discrimination knew they weren’t alone. So she started Vietnam's first Circle.

Lean In Vietnam is less than a year old, but they are already 300 women strong. These amazing women are leaning in and doing great things – from starting companies to going after new opportunities to carving out their own vision of what their lives should be. One of my favorite mornings ever.
In honor of #VeteransDay, I’m sharing my gratitude for every woman and man who has served in uniform. U.S. veterans embody the highest ideals of our country, and their courage and sacrifice help keep our country free.

I'd also like to recognize the women of the Lean In Veterans and Lean In Military Chapters, which is over 3000 women strong. I am so grateful to this community for the ways they support each other and other veterans across our country.
New Zealand was the first country in the world to let women vote in national elections – and now they have elected their third female prime minister. Yeah! Thank you to Prime Minister @jacindaardern for such a great conversation about the work Facebook is doing in New Zealand – from training female entrepreneurs to launching Amber Alerts to keep children safe. And thank you even more for being a role model to young people everywhere. #LeanIn