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Star sighting at #MakersConference2018 yesterday: 12-year-old Gitanjali Rao, America's top young scientist of 2017 泗
One of the best moments during my travels in Europe last week: I met Aki Higuchi, who introduced herself and told me she窶冱 running a Lean In Circle in Tokyo and advocating to close the country's gender gaps in education and the workforce. As we were talking, Nahomy Hernandez walked up 窶 she told us about how she has been working with indigenous women in rural El Salvador to run Lean In Circles that help them build their personal and economic resilience, and she shared that she's bringing Circles to Costa Rica, too. Running into these two inspiring leaders 窶 far from any of our home countries 窶 was truly a moment of joy. #LeanIn
Hello from Brussels! Excited to be here and spend time with hundreds of small business owners from across Europe who are using Facebook to grow. Like Adam Choudhry who started @kingsbarbersclub in the UK with a single salon and just two employees. Today he runs 15 barber shops, has more than 70 employees (!), and plans to double the number of salons in the next three years. Talk about #goals. Grateful to him and all the other entrepreneurs who let us be a part of their journey.
Honored to meet with French President @emmanuelmacron about the exciting opportunities in France 窶 and how Facebook can help make a difference. France has been a leader in research for hundreds of years 窶 and today we're announcing that we're investing 10 million Euros to promote AI programs in France. Plus, we窶决e doubling our AI research team in Paris, inviting more AI PhD fellows to work with us, and giving dozens of scholarships to university students. President Macron and I also talked about how Facebook is training 65,000 women and men in France over the next couple of years so they can learn the digital skills they need to go out and make a difference. Thank you to President Macron for a great conversation 窶 and to the people of France for paving the way into the future.
Empowered women empower other women. This is especially true when it comes to women who run their own businesses. I'm in Paris where Facebook is helping train 15,000 women entrepreneurs in France this year through our #shemeansbusiness program. Since we started it in 2016, we窶况e worked with more than 90,000 women in 18 countries so they get the support they need to start and grow their businesses. Oh yeah!
Some of my favorite signs from the #womensmarch in SF. What an unforgettable day 汳ェ #leanin
We march for our daughters. And we march for our mothers, our sisters, and women around the world we'll never meet, too. We march for equal rights and opportunity for everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or any other part of our identities. And we march to remind anyone who underestimates us of what's possible when women make our voices and votes heard. The march continues until there窶冱 equality for all. Let's keep going.
Cheering on the Vikings today with Team Dave!!! Dave would have been smiling all day - especially at that last miraculous touchdown. Skol Vikings!
Went Live with @mclewis21, whose new book @whentojump is out today. He's sharing smart advice from people who've taken big risks and chased their dreams. Check out my Facebook page for more!
Starting today, we're asking people to share what they're #HopefulFor next year. I'm #HopefulFor a world where we elevate all women's voices and help get more womenツ窶督especially those from groups that have been traditionally marginalizedツ窶督into positions of power. Our time is now.
Words to live by... 窶弸ou can窶冲 buy happiness, but you can eat some chocolate which is almost the same.窶
To everyone who celebrates, may you have a meaningful Christmas. To me, Christmas 窶 like the two other holidays celebrated at this time of year, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa 窶 reminds us of how much we have in common, whatever we believe and whatever our heritage. Across faiths, borders, and backgrounds, we're all seeking moments of joy and light in the darkness. My dear friend Rev. Scotty McLennan reminded me that the religious traditions of the winter holidays all originated during times of hardship. The lessons they hold are especially powerful for those of us dealing with loss, illness, or separation from the people we love. If that's true for you, may those lessons bring you strength and peace. And if that's true for someone you care about, remember that being there for others 窶 whether dear friends or people we will never meet 窶 can bring meaning and happiness to us all. #OptionBThere