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Celebrating creativity with @carolyneverson in our Instagram booth at #CannesLions 🎨
“Nothing is impossible.” That’s the sign hanging in the office of the PACER Center's co-founder and executive director and my incredible mother-in-law, Paula Goldberg.

Paula is not only a great mother-in-law and grandma – she is an extraordinary leader. I’ve been in awe of her work for a long time. For years, Paula was a teacher in Minnesota. She saw how isolating it could be to be a parent of a child with a disability. So in 1977, she brought together a small group of parents to support one another. That meeting grew into a program, which grew into a non-profit. Today, the PACER Center is a national leader in advocating for disabled youth and preventing bullying.
Women are driving change – literally! – in the auto industry. They influence 85% of car purchasing decisions.

Yet as in so many industries, women are underrepresented overall and especially at senior levels. Like tech, the auto industry is based on innovation – and that means diversity will lead to better ideas and better products. I loved spending the morning with so many women from the largest auto companies in the country – and celebrating the work they do at the heart of one of America's most important industries. #LeanIn
Bucket list day: touring the @generalmotors plant in Detroit. I got to see the amazing work that goes into the process – like welding car batteries together using sound and dusting cars with ostrich feathers. Icing on the cake was meeting Evetta Osborne and Monique Watson, a mother-daughter duo who work side by side installing battery packs. Thanks to GM and CEO Mary Barra for a day I'll never forget.
“Stereotypes – and glass ceilings – are made to be shattered.” I couldn’t agree more with Gina Richards, who leads Lean In Circles at P&G. Today, there are 400 Circles across P&G, and members I met with yesterday shared how their groups empower them to take risks, pursue their ambitions, and #leanin.
This evening I had a chance to meet Lean In Circle leaders from Ohio and Kentucky. Both Circles shared how they believe the shift to a more equal world happens person by person – and I saw how these women embody that idea by creating change in their communities. 
As an introvert, Julene Allen used to worry about the impact she could make since she wasn't the biggest or loudest voice in the room. Her experience leading @leaninohio has helped her eliminate that self-doubt. "Now I can actually say that I'm a leader," Julene says. "I wasn't sure of that before."
Over 500,000 Americans are homeless – and a third of them are under 25 years old.

Today I visited the Sheakley Center for Youth in Cincinnati, an emergency shelter that helps homeless youth find permanent housing and rebuild their lives. Thousands of young people enter their doors each year. Some are teens who have aged out of foster care and have nowhere to go. Many are victims of violence who have to choose between a night of abuse and a night on the street. The Sheakley Center gives them a safe place to go during some of the darkest moments of their lives.  I’m grateful to The Sheakley Center and to Lighthouse Youth & Family Services for their work to help others in need and to show homeless youth that they are not alone.
"In our Circles we're creating a culture that encourages us to lean in. We also always know that we have someone to lean on." I loved hearing this from the #LeanIn Milwaukee Chapter, who I had the chance to meet with last night.
Happy #PrideMonth! Every year, Facebook employees and their families come together to mark the progress that has been made and renew our shared commitment to defending the rights of LGBTQ people around the world. Time and time again, the LGBTQ community has stood up to discrimination and shown what it means to be resilient – and how #LoveWins. That's always something to celebrate.
Ramadan Kareem to all those observing. For Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a month for fasting and prayer – to reflect on who you are, forgive and ask for forgiveness, give to those less fortunate, and be kinder to one another. It's a beautiful tradition of peace, growth and community – and that spirit lives on even after this month.
I was honored to spend the day with some of the most resilient people anywhere: the women and men stationed at Fort Hood and their families.
Getting ready to celebrate the Virginia Tech Class of 2017 with my friend Regina Dugan and my new friend President Sands. Join us on Facebook Live in an hour. Go Hokies!