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Have a great weekend and heres a spoiler for the upcoming #SweetTalkMerch! 沽
Another #SweetTalkMerch and were selling it as a special bundle tomorrow and only tomorrow.
DATE: 16 February 2017
TIME: 9 am - 9 pm
How do I get it?
1. Click the link on my bio
2. Grab it fast!!! 汳
#SweetTalkMerch #BliBliDotCom #BlisikSehari #MusicaStudios #MusicaMerchandise
Check out my last two post on how to get this merch for free!
Happy Valentines Day <3
Valツキenツキtine's Day - a day of opportunity in the life of sheryl to promote her recent single 窶彜weet Talk窶 by giving away and announcing her new merchandise! ((just the shirt - not the guitar, not the pants. Maybe, one day.))
1. Post a picture of someone you love or would love to Sweet Talk to
2. Write a sweet caption on why you love or would love to do so
3. Hashtag #SweetTalkMerch on the caption
4. Write your email we can contact on the caption ((so 窶徭窶 can email you if you got it.))
5. Latest to post at 11 PM
6. Have fun and goodluck!!! The best caption and picture gets it~ Cant wait to read and see what you have for your loved ones 沽會汳 dhdjdkwmxbdhekes excited
P.S happy valentines day HEHEHEHE
what i find normal doesn窶冲 have to be yours, fool.
Make-Up by @ifanrivaldi 
Hair-do by @krisna_endi
Captured by @agrasuseno
Styled by @wanda_haraa
When you don't know how to react after an earthquake.... have an ice cream!
Styled by @arnikusumadewi 
Make up by @ifanrivaldi 
Hairdo by @krisna_endi
I can窶冲 believe I can窶冲 use 窶廩appy New Year窶 to start conversations anymore now... Thank you for being such a great pick up line to break the holiday-spirit ice.
Sweet Talk at Comedy Night Live with these guys! Swipe up on the link on my story to check out the full video 汳吮惠
Loving the start of 2018 窶 did an acoustic version of #SweetTalk<3 yesterday and really enjoyed it. Setuju ga kalo kita release versi akustiknya? Comment below! 沽
Siapa yang nonton tadiii??? Ending our last #SweetTalk of 2017 窶 see you on 2018!!! 笨ィ汳・