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This song goes out to all the empowering women out there who have been brave enough to lead your life the way you want. Be optimist and confident with what you believe in because the only person in charge of whats to come for you is yourself. We are not weak, we are not stupid, we can be wreckless, careless. But, I’m sure we are all smart enough to own up to it and better ourselves. When you feel alone...
I got your back. You can count on that.
Selamat Hari Kartini to all my Indonesian Sisters and Thank you Ibu Kartini for fighting for the rights we have today. Lets continue her powerful journey for equality.
Fix You Up - Official Music Video is Finally Released. Link is on my bio!!! ✨✨✨💙💙💙
Music produced by Tushar Apte
Composed by Tushar Apte, Viktoria Hansen, Sheryl Sheinafia
Directed by Andrew Tansir
Produced by Musica Studios
Choreographed by Hamada Abdool
Make Up by Ifan Rivaldi
Hair Do by Krisna
Styled by Amet and Distry
Single Cover by Vincent Marcellino
Fix You Up - Official Music Video will be released tomorrow at 12 PM - stay tuned :’) im dying inside. im so excited. AAA.
They can say what they want bout our love. Don’t believe that noone can compare. When you’re feelin’ alone, know I’ll swear. I got your back, you can count on that. I will fix you up. — have you ever believed in a relationship like this before? Share with me your experience on the comment section below and i’ll reply!
#FixYouUp Music Video will be released on Friday 20 04 18
Fix You Up Music Video will be released on Friday 20 04 18 // I'M SO EXCITED!!!
Have you ever loved someone / something so broken but willing to do anything to Fix It Up?
#FixYouUp - 20 04 18
Your happiness is mine. Stay healthy and kind. Luv.
Casually facing the band and posing like i know it all but honestly, the guitars just out of tune. So, lemme do something fancy. Tadaaa!
in your atmosphere ft. @houseofschnauzers
Note: this isn't supposed to be a happy cheery song. I just cant help but to smile with hugo around.
video by @vli.vlo
Wow episode kali ini seru banget. You can really feel our chemistry, right @boywilliam17?
Watch us tomorrow at 2PM in boy’s channel!
Sweet Talk’s Music Video got nominated and we count on you to win that category. You can swipe to the very end of these pictures to know how to vote.
P.S because of this. I just realized how much i missed twitter. So, i’ve been tweeting again. Bam.
When he/she isn’t picking up, so you use a random number to check. Don’t be shy, we’ve all been there. It’s not a crime to be sure.