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Handmade, JUNK FREE soaps & body products. Get em on our website & at markets and boutiques. Home kitchen & shop in Mar Vista, California.

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Logan is out stocking grocery store shelves with holiday soaps. Out in #marinadelrey right now! #DontEatTheSoap
Great shopping today in the Mar Vista home soap kitchen! We are making soap in the kitchen and wrapping lots of gifts up front! #marvista #venice #holidayfun
Five-packs are on sale at this weekend! Also great freebies and exclusive gifts with your order! #freebies #gifts #handmade #soap
We have sales and deals online this weekend! Great time to shop. Coal Soap and 5-packs discounted. Plus exclusive gifts for orders $100+ and $200! And, as always, free shipping on orders $90+.
Five packs are on sale this weekend! A fabulous festive favorite. Your choice of any 5 big beautiful bars. Online only... Oh, and get free shipping on orders $90+. Use the code FREESHIP. #giftideas ##natural #handmade #soap #soaptopia #yum #ISoapUpLikeThis
Special in-store exclusive! Bath Salt jars. An extra big quantity of salts in a handy jar with a scoop. Looks good, feels good. Can't get it online - - too heavy to ship! #giftideas
Jazz Blue is a smooth yet complicated soap with subtle twists and turns. It is inspired by Miles Davis. And just the right shade of blue to make it a part of our Chosen Soaps Hanukkah 5-pack.πŸŒ’πŸŽΊπŸŽπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
The Fall La LA 5 is a festive favorite. Choose from 3 selections of 5 soaps. The Holiday Medley, The Chosen Soaps or Candy Cane Lane. #giftideas ##natural #handmade #soap #soaptopia #yum
Santa's helpers are hard at work! #protips Our Variety Show 20-Bar box is our very best deal. And, like all orders $90+ you can use a free shipping coupon. Code:FREESHIP #giftideas
Incredible! Local Soaptopian Anna made these amazing tags for her gifts. "I even made special notes outlining the key ingredients in each soap and their health benefits (attached a photo below). It's hard to find a place that you can trust that uses natural, safe, and real products. You all bring it back to the basics - something I think we could all benefit from. Thank you!!!" -- Anna

Thank YOU Anna -- THIS is why we do what we do! πŸ’— 🎁 πŸ‘‘ #gifts #giftideas #natural #handmade #soap #soaptopia #yum
#mancrushmonday Our man crush gift of the week is th L. Guapo Shave with a Smooth Finish. Fine shaving gear, moisturizing shaving soap and soothing oil slather.
Wrapping up fresh bars of Sage Against the Machine. Herbal resistance! #natural #handmade #soap #soaptopia #yum #giftideas