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The season starts tonight, but the real question is where can you watch the #oilersvsflames game in Mesa Arizona!! #letsgooilers
🚨BIG SHOW TONIGHT IN CALGARY!!!! Come check out @warbringermusic and @darktranquillityofficial and of course ya boys! #strikermetal #darktranquility #warbringer #heavymetal #live
Minneapolis tonight!! Let's shreeeeed 🎸💪
Sioux Falls tonight! Back on track to shred with @warbringermusic and @darktranquillityofficial 💪 #shred
Montreal! Amazing show! Toronto tonight! Shred 💪Photo by @petrescumihaela 👌
Striker's first show ever in New York City tonight with @warbringermusic and @darktranquillityofficial 😎. #strikermetal #darktranquility #striker #heavymetal #metal #shred 📸 by @jpac_photography
Gearing up for a killer show here in Charlotte with @darktranquillityofficial and @warbringermusic ! Make sure you stop by the merch booth for some brand new shirts and albuuuuums! 👌#striker #strikermetal #darktranquility #metal
💥Second show of the tour tomorrow in Charlotte after the unfortunate cancellation of 3 shows. As a bunch of Canadians who have never been in a hurricane area we have been amazed with how calm and accommodating everyone in Florida has been in the path of Hurricane Irma. Stay safe! 💪 📸 by @pipozoft
New music video out now! Link in our bio! Shred 💪#striker #strikermetal #shred #guitar #formerglory #metal #heavymetal #speedmetal #hairmetal #hurricaneirma
That time we drove into a class 5 hurricane to unleash our heavy metal fury #hurricaneirma #darktranquility #baddecisions
Did you know, Tim has a slight addiction to Jackson guitars??? -How long been in the band? Since 2013, did some Armed to the Teeth tours! -When did you start playing your instrument? I started playing guitar in 2003
-Major influences? Heavy Metal, hits from the 80s, cat food commercials, Marty Friedman -Best live show you’ve seen? Anthrax on the main stage at 70k tons of metal this year melted my brains. Let's go with that for now
-Master of Puppets or Number of the Beast? I'd have to go for Puppets, I even did a tribute set once and played it front to back... Or maybe that was ride the lightning... Either way I've played those songs a thousand times -Dogs or Cats? Kitties bruh
-Spotify or YouTube? Praise be to YouTube. Teach me how to do things
-Full Speed or No Speed? Why not both?
Legendary singer Dan Cleary keeping it real:
-How long been in the band? 
Since the very beginning! All Ian Sandercock and I needed was a name. -When did you start playing your instrument?
Started out with the guitar when I was 14 or so, started singing once we found out no one wanted to sing haha.
-Major influences? 
Big fan of Carl Albert, Dio, Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickinson, Kelly Hansen -Best live show you’ve seen?
Maybe Saxon 08 Bang Your Head festival
-Master of Puppets or Number of the Beast?
Ahhhh I think Number of the Beast. -Dogs or Cats? 
Dogs for sure.
-Spotify or Youtube?
YouTube, so many videos so little time.
-Full Speed or No Speed?
Full speed always!!