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Something about red heads okkkk 😻 meowww! Swipe left for more #womancrushwednesday 😍 Fresh copper hair color using all @goldwellus and makeup on @rowann_james loved creating this autumn 🍂🍁 inspired look, key makeup products: @morphebrushes @jaclynhill Palette🎨 , @toofaced @kandeejohnson Banana Pudding Powder🍌 and Licorice Liner, @nyxcosmetics Loose Gold Glitter✨, @gerardcosmetics Mudslide Liquid Lipstick 💄♥️
Swipe left to see the before! What a makeover 😍Bookings @parlour.eleven 714-969-1800 ♥️
Being a beauty professional, this can sound conflicting. The power we have to make others feel beautiful is one of the best feelings of all! Of course we all want to look good, but always remember you are so much more than what you see in the mirror. I could truly discuss this for days... the influences we have via social media, movies/television, marketing, and the other socially constructed norms that cause us to judge others... judge ourselves. You should love yourself first and foremost always. You are the only person who has to live with yourself every single day for the rest of your life. You should love your body no matter what condition it is because it's the only one you've got and it keeps you alive. You should care about your health and invest in it before it becomes problematic because it is worth it. You should always be yourself and do what truly makes you happy. If you're worried about being judged, remember that people will always judge you regardless and that at the end of the day, it's your own opinion that matters. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and has something to offer this world whether they choose to or not. We are all human and carry unique imperfections and weaknesses. But... sometimes our weaknesses can be our greatest strengths and our imperfections are sometimes what makes us so beautiful, because without them we might just be like everybody else. No one deserves to feel less because they don't fit a stigma of what society has defined as "perfect"... no one can define what "perfect" is... it doesn't exist. It only exists in you, you are perfect, because you are your own person capable of doing incredible things! Big things, small things... the world needs what you can give. Which is why all I'm asking is that you live your life being yourself unapologetically every day, even when it's hard and others treat you badly. Don't ever let that stop you or change you. Stand tall and confidently own who you are. ❤️🌎 #foodforthought #sundaymorning #inspiration #thoughts #beyourself #love
#squadgoals @parlour.eleven @zackofallfades @jaceyjohair @hairbyfranco @kristiwiththegoodhair @hailey_boyd with @guy_tang at the @bellamihairpro @bellamihair launch party #bellamihairextensions #bellamihair #bellamiguytang #hairbesties #behindthechair #parloureleven #squad #p11gangstasquad #p11 #hollyweird
#blondesquad @platinum_perfection @laurenyeslauren at the @bellamihairpro @bellamihair launch party #bellamihairextensions #bellamihair #bellamiguytang #hairbesties #behindthechair #blondehair #bleachitagain #blondtourage #teamblonde 🙌🏼✨💎😍♥️💋
Back at the @bellamihairpro @bellamihair launch party helping @guy_tang demonstrate his new line of clip in extensions! Such an awesome event! My hair was all messy because the struggle was real trying to get the headphone mic on 😂😂😂 I met so many awesome people that night! Love my job and life 😍#bellamihairextensions #bellamihair #guytang #bellamiguytang #hairbesties #parloureleven #behindthechair
Errrmerrgherrrrddd this giveaway you guys 😍 Happy 20 Years @anastasiabeverlyhills ! #abhgiveaway #anastasiabeverlyhills
Coming out of the salon likkkeeee #newhairwhodis 😂♥️ When @parlour.eleven is beautiful and so is @missmadeline94 💎✨ Hair details on previous post 🙌🏼 #parloureleven 714-969-1800
Swipe left to see the before! 😍♥️ Making the world blonder one day at a time! This was a triple process and took 8 hours but we are stoked 🙌🏼✨ Lifted her base with @wellahair 7/2 and mids with @goldwellus 9MB and 7MB. Full head of highlights to the base with balayage highlights in between. Toned with @redken Shades 9V 😍 I used @brazilianbondbuilder in every formulation to protect her hair 💪🏼 Thanks for coming in Madeline! Bookings @parlour.eleven 714-969-1800
Errrmerrrgeehhhhrrrd FOOF 😍 my furry little angelic demon ♥️😂 and I'm wearing a bunch of the new @toofaced Peaches and Cream 🍑🥛Collection #tfpeachesandcream OKOKKKK YOU GUYS I have been blown away! I'll post more photos using the line in the future. Anyways, I went into @sephora not expecting much. I knew I would love the palette and face powders, but never did I think that I would find my new favorite primer, foundation and setting spray! I though, "Ehh why not get a sample of the primer and foundation." I wore it the next day and I instantly had to go in and buy it all. I have such difficult combination skin. I am both dry, normal and oily. I often suffer from perioral dermatitis, which flares up whenever I use anything on my face that my skin doesn't like. @jerrodblandino thank you for creating this amazing collection that smells as great as it works! My face stays flawless all day, even in this humidity..even through me sweating from doing hair all day! This makeup doesn't even settle into my smile lines....THAT NEVER HAPPENS! This is life changing for me 😂😂 I am just obsessed OK! I know not all products work the same for everyone, but you should definitely go over to your local Sephora and get some samples! Try it out! On my face: Primed and Peachy, Peach Perfect Foundation, Peach Blur Finishing Powder, Sweetie Pie Bronzer, Just Peachy Mattes, and Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray ✨💎🍑🙌🏼💄💋 My lips are @maccosmetics Stripdown and @gerardcosmetics Aphrodite ♥️
Another process that took me about 12 hours or longer, but we also did her makeup 😜 excuse my dirty makeup hand at the end 😂 I was amazed at how even the blonde came out, kinda hard to tell but there were a lot of bands in her hair. It was almost sad coloring over the blonde because it was so beautiful LOL! But we have a perfect canvas for color fade out. I used @wellahair Blondor bleach first on her roots, mids and ends last. Thank you @brazilianbondbuilder for your amazing product because her hair actually felt healthier after I bleached it, insane! I used all custom mixed @pulpriothair hair colors. Thanks @samantha_cali_kristine for sitting with me all day and night ♥️ @behindthechair_com @modernsalon 
Music ©West Coast Lana Del Rey (The Grades Icon Mix)
Silver Fawn 😍 in love with this. This has taken us multiple visits. We finally hit our goal 🥅!! All made possible with @schwarzkopfusa Blonde Me, @brazilianbondbuilder and @goldwellus Colorance 🙌🏼✨ Bookings @parlour.eleven 714-969-1800