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Je m'appelle Bags •|• MultiPlatinum •|• GrammyNominated Producer •|• Songwriter •|• Artist •|• •|• #HitsOnly #LegendsOnly

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One of the greatest humans of all time 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 @arianagrande
Puttin on fake smiles for the unreal •|• 🙄
Always stay loyal no matter what •|• Tag a loyal friend
Stay low •|• Mind ya business •|• Tag somebody always in ya business
⚖️ •|• Trying to find that Balance •|• ⚖️
I only trust them as far as I can 👀 them •|• Tag somebody you don't trust 🤣
Turn the music up •|• y'all talking to much
It always been a uphill battle but never count me out •|• styled by @nadiinee_a
I will be your muse •|• You will be my album content #TBH •|• styled by @nadiinee_a
Keep it easy •|• Styled by @nadiinee_a
Be careful who you pretend to be •|• you may actually forget who you really are •|• 🆓
Happy To Be apart of this! ・・・
GODS time !!! It was never mine 🙇🏽#oursummer💪🏾strongarm💪🏾🌎#img 🌏#hoodfiggamusicgroup 🦍,as y'all can see I'm rocking the stage with my brother @official_flo and performing my new single , girls just wanna have fun #gjwhf @strongarmprince you where right and I won't let u down bro , @official_flo thank u bra u saw something in me I didn't know I really had but I know now #humbly speaking its #gametime  @tbhits is the hit Man and my brother 4 over a decade thank u and the whole #socialhouse for everything and it's just the beginning @iv_strongarmpyke_ii it's time bro, wit my big bro @reggiemathis at quarterback it's a win win situation, ps: to the world I'm proud to say #igotasmashHIT and everyone in the world  will 👂🏾 it and 👀it very soon