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Jumping on the bandwagon #artvsartist
I am home this Easter visiting family. It’s great! Btw my granddad was a child during the war 👦🐎
This brief encounter yesterday made my week! This never happens!
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(Føles litt rart å gjøre ting på engelsk fortsatt, men nå har jeg liksom begynt litt og så fikk jeg sånn 3 nye følgere fra utlandet og nå må jeg gi det et forsøk liksom. Alle andre plattformer er forøvrig på norsk, så jeg skal ikke selge sjelen helt. Okei; usikker rant over, glad i dere)
The new exhibit at Astrup Fearnley is what I imagine having a bad acid trip is like
Coming home was honestly so hard. I felt pathetic for being sad after being on vacation for six weeks, but struggled to get back into the routine and pace of daily life. I also felt sad about all the people I’d met, who I probably will never see again.

Don’t worry though, I find comic relief in the fact that this must be the most millennial, first world problem I’ve had since that time I almost got PTSD from watching ‘The Grudge’.
More sketches
he’s so lucky
🙌🏻 kvinnedag 🙌🏻
I made a lot of sketches in Central America that might be interesting to you, but that I don’t feel are worthy of colors, so I compiled some of them here. Så SWIPE👌

They are about traveling in a group and seeing sights mostly. #centralamerica #belize #tikal #wecomic #comic #sketches #cartoon
I’ve seen so many ingrown toenails since finishing nursing school, it’s haunting me. #comic #webcomic #nursing #backpacking #does #hashtags #even #work