Cortez Bryant
If I didn’t tell you anything in life Everyone who loves hip hop needs to hear @rapsody Laila’s Wisdom album!! In my top 10 of all time!!
🔥🔥🔥 @champagnepapi U N F U C K W I T A B L E
1 word= UnFuckWitable!! 😂
20 years💪🏾 #jacksonstate #sonicboom #warnthunder
@preme Coastline
My Dawg C Rid!!! @justdoit_cb3 🙏🏾 #nflrookiepremiere
🙏🏾 @youngmoneyapaasports
Bright Future Ahead for these guys! #GodsPlan🙏🏾 @kcoutee2 @reece_jmm @dhasickestt & the man @ym_boog32 @youngmoneyapaasports #nflrookiepremiere
Happy Mothers Day to all mothers! 
This amazing lady right here, Charlene Adams, She had me at a young age of 16, her only child. Her drive as a single parent instilled so many values in me. I don’t think there is enough time on this planet to pay her back. She’s the reason I work so hard so that all she has to do is kick back and enjoy life. #justtryingtomakemymommaproud
Happy Birthday to one of my most loyal friends CJ. 
1st person I trusted to work with the very next artist I would work with outside of Wayne, (Drake), when I was a young manager only 3 years in the game! Been solid 15 years! And we all still fam as you see kickn it and living it up in ATL last week. 
Other pic is before music. Tez the Percussion Instructor of War N Thunder of #THEE Jackson State University Sonic Boom of the South and CJ next to me as the Section Leader. #BeenRockin
You’ve worked so hard to get to this moment!! So proud of you love! #masters #beautynbrains