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A night in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ί
Very Impressive! @imballinneal18 is set to do some amazing things along his journey. #ambition
We Dem Boyz!! 11-1
Kikkn it wit DA Bruhz Killa Blaq n Bola @blaqueceaze @wt97hotdawg05 @overqast
Even if you don't choose to Vote president please don't let it stop you from going to the polls. There are other state and local laws and officials that are on the ballot that effect your lives. Don't let you indecisiveness about the presidential nominees stop your voice!!
LSU v BAMA! Now I'm putting Young Rin on!!! 😜#geauxtigers
EtaEta Made🀘🏽#homecoming2016