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note before bed: rupi kaur is magic, her words drip truth like honey, and they make me braver. / there's a review of her collection linked in the bio if you'd like to know more, i can't recommend it enough
winter is here (no got reference intended..) how are you planning to spend your weekend lovelies?
southbank at night this time of year is so festive and beautiful - night time walks and good conversation = a pretty great way to end the day
(not the most cheery list i know, but these are some documentaries i've been wanting to watch for so long and christmas might finally give me the time to do it) -------------------------------------
what's on your christmas holiday watch list? asides from these, i'm still hoping the first men in black film will be on tv this year, plus the obvious; narnia narnia narnia *happy sigh* also, if you haven't checked out @theminimalists podcast what are you doing? go go go
one more youtuber recc: @madeleineoliviaa - her mimimalism and vegan videos are so so inspiring and they're shot beautifully (i'm not curently vegan but i've been pescetarian for two months now and i'm loving it, as for minimalism, it's pretty much become my life)
after watching @nikaerculj 's latest video I set out a morning routine for today; wake up at 6:10, make your bed, put on a fluffy robe, go down and cook some porridge with dates and nutella as toppings (sounds weird but tastes delicous, promise), eat in bed with covers on top and catch up with some youtube videos.

it felt so good to have something to look forward to in the morning (may have to work on it though, i relaxed so much i was almost late to the bus...)
night time painting for a friend / i'm slowly trying to get in to the habit of a relaxing night routine, just half an hour to an hour or so spent reading/writing/painting/listening to some asmr before I go to bed, it's a great remedy for a stressful, busy day
some recommendations for when life gets a little too much: cup of tea/coffee or any hot drink of your choice, blankets, pillows, low lighting, a podcast/youtube videos/ a good book/ a journal. keep aside some time for yourself lovelies x [still on a sort-of hiatus but I wanted to post this so, *shrugs*]
going on a hiatus for a bit, seems like no matter how many times I try this insta thing just doesn't work for me 😂 prob won't delete, but I'll post a lot less frequently when I do get back *sigh*
one line poetry / random line from my notebook - not quite sure what's going on with my ig at the moment, I can't seem to help but obsessively delete everything once a month *shrugs* on a more positive note, I recently watched @ArielBissett 's latest poem and I'm feeling so so inspired to write, now I just need time hah
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