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london / 17 / storyteller
art-y poet-y person, muslimah
all photography and poetry my own

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violet skies / thinking of sharing some more poetry and collages with the photography on here, thoughts?
set fire to the clouds pt 2 /
set fire to the clouds / pardon the spamming, this is procrastination at its finest
imagine painting this in oil colours 😍 / changed username, what do you think?
if you could fly to anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? /
sunset, on the way home // how has your week been so far? mine's been filled with college work and uni prep, and some poetry and plenty of tea filled in the cracks in between.
🌚 / currently obsessing over prison break, so so so good i'm hooked (I'm also supposed to be revising for a uni admissions test... oops)
wishing on planes /
more night skies, because what better way to procrastinate then moon gazing?
art box collecting dust because a levels *sheds tear*