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📷 january mornings 
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write every story with bravery. there is no other way to do it. 
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after about five failed attempts to write a comp. entry i finally have something to work with - nothing compares to this feeling <3

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Picasso knows what's up 👌 #tatemodern
after three years of blogging, trying and failing to maintain a proper schedule, anxiously wondering what kinds of post would "do best", and stressing over numbers - i've finally decided to stop blogging.

there are a few wonderful bloggers i'll still be reading on a sunday morning with a good cup of tea, because they still inspire me so much. it just so happens my own doesn't anymore. 
i don't think this is a negative, in fact i'm really excited to have more time to dedicate to writing poetry, hopefully submitting to some lit mags (if they'll take me... *eep*) and working on my illustration art which i love making so so much. here's to a year focused on the creative projects that bring you real fulfillment,  not the ones you feel obligated to complete or continue out of habit. 
and of course a massive thank you to @theminimalists podcast on "creating" - it was after finishing this episode that i realised what i'd been doing wrong - letting go of the blog feels so liberating,  i can't wait to get working on what i love!
candids will always be my fave kind of photography <3
i've finally realised my love for storytelling and my passion for social causes aren't opposites - i can write stories that promote causes i really believe in (female empowerment, body positivity, battling beauty standards, minimalism, caring for our planet and spending time intentionally on things we love and that help us grow). If you're  at school don't let studying get in the way of the kind of legacy you want to leave behind. make time for your passions. don't wait for a particular age or stage in your life.
the time is now. (there was no way to talk about something like this and not sound cheesy, i'm sorry :/ )
🌾/ fairlop waters ft. too-soft strawberries, walking in the sun and running away from  angry swans
last night i made this mini collage thing aaand i really like ittt 😋
one day i need to go gallery hopping with just a camera and the sun for company / picasso painting from the ashmolean museum
if you have netflix i would highly recommend the minimalists: a documentary about the important things - i just spent my morning watching it and it is so so inspiring to see so many different forms of minimalism and the environmental, spiritual and emotional benefits it's brought people <3