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"I wasn't scared, I have learned about periods in girls club at school. I was actually happy because I knew it wasn't because I am cursed" 15-year-old Netsanet, from #Ethiopia, tells us about her first menstruation experience. Worldwide there are countless myths about #menstruation and we say it’s time to bust them! Are you with us? Share some of the ones you’ve heard to get started.
© UNICEF/UN064409/Tadesse
This little one is all smiles in the arms of her loving uncle in #Bangladesh. 
#foreverychild, a safe environment
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What do you see? If world leaders at #G7 believe #AChildIsAChild no matter what, they must commit to protecting #ChildrenUprooted. Double tap to show your support for refugee and migrant children. © #UNICEF/UN062481/Tremeau
“It was beautiful to hear [them] speaking other languages because this makes you want to get to know them.” Vincenzo, in #Italy, is standing with #ChildrenUprooted. We’re calling on world leaders at the G7 Summit today and YOU to do the same. Spread the word if you believe #AChildIsAChild - no matter what. © UNICEF/UN065131/Cavalli
We cannot give up on refugee and migrant children. #AChildIsAChild - and it’s on all of us to protect their hopes and dreams. Double tap to stand with #ChildrenUprooted. © #UNICEF/UN062485/Schermbrucker
“I don’t have any hope, I was born without hope.” Sajad, 15. Paralyzed from the waist down, he travelled with his family all the way from Basra, #Iraq to #Serbia. #AChildIsAChild - no matter what. Double tap to call on world leaders at #G7 to stand with #ChildrenUprooted. © #UNICEF Gilbertson Vll Photo
#AChildIsAChild - no matter what. Ahead of G7, we urge world leaders to make a real commitment to keep refugee & migrant children safe. Double tap to stand with #ChildrenUprooted. © #UNICEF/UN062479/Georgiev
"I was so scared." 10-year-old Zu Zu Mi walked for three days to escape conflict, and now lives in a camp in Kachin State, Myanmar.
Our heart goes out to our beloved Goodwill Ambassador and friend Sir Roger Moore, to his family and friends.
Your work for children will continue to inspire the world.
Rest peacefully. #sirrogermoore © UNICEF/UNI40515/Yongji
#foreverychild, a chance to learn 📕
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Not a migrant child. Not a refugee child. #AChildIsAChild. Double tap to call on world leaders at G7 to commit to protecting #ChildrenUprooted. © UNICEF/UN062478/Romenzi
World leaders at #G7 must commit to protecting migrant and refugee children. It’s on all of us stand with #ChildrenUprooted. #AChildIsAChild © UNICEF/UN062475/Kljajo