As famine looms in South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen and Somalia, you can help:


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At the young age of 1, Elizabeth is battling severe malnutrition as she rests on her mother's lap at a malnutrition ward in #SouthSudan. Famine has been declared in parts of country and it looms in #Nigeria, #Somalia and #Yemen.
© UNICEF/UN053447/Gonzalez Farran
"The best thing to hold on to is each other." Audrey Hepburn, #UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador❤️.
#foreverychild, love. #throwbackthursday #tbt © UNICEF/UNI40096/Isaac
Naomy, 2, in her mother's arms at a malnutrition ward in #SouthSudan. Millions are in urgent need of aid in the war-torn country where famine has been declared. © UNICEF/Albert Gonzalez Farran
"I don't know how to read or write. I only know how to draw the sky, the sea & the sun" Fares, 6, from #Syria #ImagineaSchool @UNICEFLebanon
A newborn #baby yawns at a maternity ward in #Uzbekistan. #foreverychild, a healthy start in life. © UNICEF/UNI164742/Noorani
Simon takes a play break in #Ethiopia. His home now has improved sanitation facilities - keeping everyone healthy. Providing clean water and sanitation facilities is one of our priorities. #foreverychild, health
© UNICEF/UN024937/Sewunet
Challenge: Who can do this?!
At the Peuan Mit street children’s centre in #Vientiane, children who may normally be out collecting bottles or cans to sell, have a chance to play and learn. #foreverychild, a future.
© UNICEF/UNI76335/Holmes
Because sometimes all you need is a good #friend!
We hope you’re enjoying this weekend as much as these girls at an #EarlyChildhoodDevelopment centre in #Uganda.
© UNICEF/UN03311/Ose
#FlashbackFriday: A grandmother takes her grandson to a health centre where we provided equipment and supplies. #foreverychild, health. #malaysia © UNICEF/UN04280
The sun shines as three children play in #Montenegro. #foreverychild, play!
© UNICEF/UN040625
Children play at a school in Jinshan County, near the city of #Shanghai where they are taking part in a #UNICEF-supported #earlychildhood education programme. #throwbackthursday #TBT
© UNICEF/UNI38196/LeMoyne
Ramadan, 5, was separated from his parents for two weeks after intense fighting broke out in Juba, #SouthSudan. When the fighting started, he was suddenly alone and ended up in a church with hundreds of other displaced people who took take care of him until he was reunited with his parents. #foreverychild © UNICEF/UN027620/Gonzalez Farran