We must act on climate change NOW. Do the #BottleFlipChallenge & share it with #FlipClimateChange to help us raise awareness →


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#Chiapas #Mexico
© #UNICEF/UNI178929/Ramos
“I am fed up of this war.” Ammar, 6, displaced after two years of war in #Yemen. #ChildrenUnderAttack
Time is running out for children in northeast #Nigeria, #Somalia, #SouthSudan and #Yemen threatened by famine, drought and war - nearly 1.4 million are at imminent risk of death. #4famines © #UNICEF/UN056604/Knowles-Coursin
80% of children in #Yemen need life-saving support. Relentless fighting and destruction for over 2 years has left #ChildrenUnderAttack struggling to cope. Head over to our website to learn more in our latest report. © #UNICEF/ Ali Najib
As the brutal war in #Yemen enters its third year, children are paying the heaviest price. The number of #children injured and recruited has nearly doubled in a year. Head over to our website to read our latest report on the situation for children. #ChildrenUnderAttack © #UNICEF/Dia Al-Adimi
Sisters Tirig and Saua stand outside their makeshift house in #Somalia. They were forced to flee their home in search of water and food. Lack of rain and other environmental factors mean that a severe drought is affecting millions of people across the country. The time to act on #ClimateChange is NOW. © #UNICEF/UN056038/Holt
As the lights go off all over the 🌏 for #EarthHour, share your clip with #FlipClimateChange to spread this message: 1 in 4 children will be living in areas with extremely limited water by 2040 unless we act on #climate NOW. #BottleFlipChallenge
#FlashbackFriday: Children smile and wave at a school in Ankara, #Turkey. #foreverychild © UNICEF/UNI124764/Isaac
The violence in #Aleppo has separated many Syrian children from their families, like Zakariya, 6, and Doha, 5. We’re working with partners to provide children with safe temporary homes while their families are traced. #foreverychild © UNICEF/UN056229/Al-Issa
We must act on climate change NOW. Do the #BottleFlipChallenge and share it with #FlipClimateChange to help us raise awareness. Click on the link in our bio to learn more.
#ThrowbackThursday to 1993 in #Guatemala where a boy from the Cakchiquel indigenous community holds his puppy. #PuppyDay © UNICEF/UNI54776/Charton
Get your bottle flip on! Join us and our Goodwill Ambassador @orlandobloom to #FlipClimateChange. Millions of children are at risk as climate change threatens to destroy, dry up, or contaminate water. Share your own clip with the hashtag #FlipClimateChange on @Instagram or @Twitter spread this important message: Without safe water children cannot survive, we must act NOW on climate.