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"I love to watch my sister and brother laughing and having fun." says the photographer, Suha, 15. This is the final photograph from our Za'atari #refugee camp photography series. We hope you enjoyed seeing the world through a #childsview! #Jordan #childrenofsyria © UNICEF/UN033626/Msallam
16-year-old Enaam took this photo of her adorable little cousin. They are both from Daraa, #Syria but now live in Za'atari #refugee camp, #Jordan. The photo was taken as part of our photography workshop in collaboration with @ABCNews. We gave children and young people digital cameras to document daily life in the camp from their perspective. We will be sharing more of their moving photos today, you can check out the ones we have already shared by following the #childsview hashtag. #childrenofsyria © UNICEF/UN033516/Al Khalil
"I wish we can all go back to #Syria and live a nice, normal life again. But I will survive.” This photo was taken by a 17-year-old Syrian teenager living in Za'atari #refugee camp. #childsview #Jordan #childrenofsyria © UNICEF/UN033496/Al-Koud
"Two of my little neighbors wanted me to take a picture of them. They were returning from one of the learning centres.” This photo was taken as part of our recent photography workshop in collaboration with @ABCNews. During the workshop fifty Syrian children living in Za'atari #refugee camp were given cameras to document their daily lives. We’ll be sharing more special photos from the workshop today and tomorrow, so stay tuned. #childsview  #Jordan © UNICEF/UN033598/Baraa
"My brother looked so sweet as he patted our little sister to sleep." This peaceful photo was taken by 17 year-old Marah. She is originally from Daraa, #Syria and now lives in Za'atari #refugee camp. When Marah married, she dropped out of school at 11th grade. #childsview #Jordan #baby #childrenofsyria © UNICEF/UN033582/Al Khatib
This beautiful photo was taken by a 14-year-old! In collaboration with @ABCNews we recently provided digital cameras to fifty Syrian children - aged between 11 and 18 years old - living in Za'atari #refugee camp. The children documented their daily life, their fears and their hopes for a better future. This photo is the first in the series that we will be sharing over the next few days, so stay tuned and follow the #childsview hashtag. #Jordan #childrenofsyria © UNICEF/UN033621/Fyad
“I always sympathise with children who’ve lost their parents. I’ve dedicated myself as a volunteer teaching mathematics, English and science. I’m always here providing extra support to the children,” says Maryam Sandabe, the head teacher at a school in a camp for the displaced in Maiduguri, #Nigeria. Her family home in Bama, and everything she owned, was destroyed in the fighting and they all had to flee - on foot - for almost 70 kilometres to reach Maiduguri. People in the camp know Maryam as a hardworking and passionate teacher who loves being around children. Keep up the great work Maryam! Photo via UNICEF Nigeria.
Today is World Polio Day. Eradicating polio will be one of the greatest public health achievements in history and ensure that every child - now and for generations to come - will be able to live a polio-free life. #EndPolio © UNICEF/Afgh/Jalali
Clap your hands if you’re ready for the weekend - like these children in #Burundi. © UNICEF Burundi / 2016 /J.Haro
Abandoned by both parents, this little boy and his sister have resorted to begging for money and food in the streets of Aweil, #SouthSudan. The number of children in the streets has increased due to the harsh economy and effects of war that have left many children orphaned. We cannot give up on South Sudan, and we cannot give up on thousands of children who have hopes for the future. ©UNICEF/2016/Rich
Safe at last. Aya is one of more than 30,000 Iraqis who've fled Hawija in #Iraq since August. She and her family walked for 12 hours through an active conflict zone littered with deadly explosives before arriving in a camp in northern Iraq. Via @unicef_iraq. © UNICEF/Iraq/2016/Mackenzie
Meet Aisha, Falmata, Yakaru and Falmata. These girls grew up together in the town of Monguno in Borno state, #Nigeria but all of them had to flee for their lives when the town came under attack. Their school was burned down and none of the girls thought they would ever be able to go back to school. By chance, they all ended up in the same displacement camp in Maiduguri and when UNICEF set up a school in the camp they were delighted to find themselves being classmates again. It felt a little like the old times! The girls made another good friend at school, Hauwa, who comes from the town of Gwoza and had missed two years of school because of the fighting. All the girls have just passed their Junior Secondary School exams and they are all planning to continue studying. Congratulations girls!