Over half a billion children are living through a nightmare. Let's wake up! Watch and turn up the volume.


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We’ve been working #foreverychild since 1946. Our work has never been more urgent.
An underground #playground! Children in #Syria get a chance to play in the 'Land of Childhood’, an underground space where children are finding a sanctuary away from fear. "My friends and I come here because it's the last theme park that is still working [...] the one we used to go to was attacked and is not working anymore," one of the children says. #Inspiring © UNICEF/UN041515/Alshami
Every 5 minutes a child dies as a result of violence. It’s wrong. We must end it. Watch and regram to show your support #foreverychild. #ENDviolence #beckham @davidbeckham
#Inspiring: A group of volunteers in #Syria, led by a former architecture student, has linked two basements with a tunnel and turned them into an underground playground for children to #play and have fun together. "We dug a tunnel to have a safe connection between the two basements and we decorated it with coloured lights and some toys," Yaseen, the playground designer explains. "We wanted to turn the tunnel from being linked to attacks, fear and horror to a fun place that attracts children to pass through it." Children are now getting a chance to play, even if underground, in the 'Land of Childhood’! © UNICEF/UN041522/Alshami
We must give every child the tools they need to lead a happy, healthy & productive life - starting with #education #EmergencyLessons #smile #jumping #children © UNICEF/UN019137/Hyams
There is #hope: My name is Juan Carlos and I live in #ElSalvador. When I was five, I stepped on a landmine outside of our house. The explosion cut my legs and and arms. The doctors said that nothing could be done. 
When they discharged me, I saw everything differently. 
I would watch my brothers play, but I couldn’t do it.
I would watch them write, but I couldn’t do it. 
UNICEF gave me hope to be able to carry on with my life not as a disabled person, but as a normal person. I had a rehabilitation and was able to go for my dreams. 
My dream was to keep studying and get a degree. I managed to do it and I got what I most longed for: a law degree. 
There are always going to be obstacles in life – some smaller, some larger.
With hope, you’ll be able to reach all your goals. 
#Foreverychild, hope
#thisability © UNICEF/UN036704/Torgovnik / Verbatim Photo Agency
3-year-old Rafi from #Syria is all smiles after receiving warm clothing at Kawergosk Refugee Camp in #Iraq. @unicef_iraq provided warm winter clothing to children on Sinjar Mountain and in Kawergosk last week. This winter, we aim to provide 300,000 children across Iraq with warm clothing and thermal blankets - including children recently displaced from around Mosul.
© UNICEF Iraq/2016/Khuzaie
Some marks are easier to see than others. After watching this film with @DavidBeckham, you’ll never look at tattoos in the same way. #ENDviolence #foreverychild
Today, my son, Remi is a teenager and thriving. My big hope is for HIV-free generation. Discover more inspiring stories from our #ThereIsHope series by clicking on the link of our bio. #foreverychild, hope. #inspiration © UNICEF/UN036963/Torgovnik / Verbatim Photo Agency
In 2000, the year before I contracted HIV, 1 in 100 AIDS-related deaths, globally, was an adolescent. Nearly two decades later, the problem has worsened. In 2015, adolescents accounted for 1 in 25 AIDS-related deaths.

Thanks to UNICEF, I was able to enroll in a program that provided the vital antiretroviral treatment I needed to survive and helped prevent my son from being infected with the HIV virus I had. I would leave the clinic and I knew I had something to live for. I decided to wake up every morning, take control of my life and continue my education. UNICEF gave me hope to carry on and the environment to be who I needed to be as a child. I then began to educate my village that once shunned me about HIV and AIDS, and worked to encourage and motivate others. Eventually, they asked me to stand for them and lead them as the country’s youngest mayor at age 26. (Psst… Stay tuned and meet Livy’s son in our next post!) #ThereIsHope #inspiration © UNICEF/UN036946/Torgovnik / Verbatim Photo Agency
#ThereIsHope: My name is Livy van Wyk. I was just 17-years-old and pregnant with my son when I learned I was HIV-positive. The only thing I knew about HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, was that it was a death sentence. I thought I was going to die, painfully and alone.
Most of my family and friends, even my mother, rejected me. I was forced to leave my home. My principal told me I couldn’t come back to school, because I would infect the others. That was my breaking point. I loved school… (continue reading Livy’s story in our next #ThereIsHope post) © UNICEF/UN036925/Torgovnik / Verbatim Photo Agency
Omar, 3, #Mosul, stands with some of his toys in Khazir Displacement Camp in #Iraq’s Ninewa Governorate. He and his family arrived in the camp after fleeing violence in their hometown. © UNICEF/UN041568/Anmar