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@val_valeriethomas DUCLE MARIA @axelmatthewstore hoodie
Cropped my face out because my its still swollen. 🐿🐿 anyways, if you guys really want to know what keeps me full in between breakfast lunch and dinner 👉@medinaorganickefir's weight management drink suitable for meal replacement 😊😊 really stops your hunger for sweets!!!! And sugar!!! It helps me, hope it helps you too :) I'm a sweet tooth so it definitely helps me
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Sup ma🤣💕😂🌹
My second attempt at yoga. Should I do more yoga? ✌️ @adidasindonesia @adidasindonesia
@eje_naima cute shoes 💙❤️
Anything for another fitcation and yoga by the beach right now! 😩😩💙💙💙 #HereToCreate #adidaswomen #adidasindonesia @adidasindonesia @adidaswomen
I legit only took 10 mins to get ready just to get this shot because sunset was at 7:05pm and we finished skytrek at 6:45pm. Yes. I got the shot tho 😂👋
I promise you this is not the last picture I'm going to post from this trip.. also I am no longer afraid of heights!! @adidasindonesia @adidaswomen #adidasIndonesia
#HereToCreate #UltraboostX ATR 💄: @val.valeriethomas SHADE RESME ✌️
Jungle babies #adidasIndonesia #adidaswomen
#HereToCreate #UltraboostX ATR spot me the only one with grey hair 😂