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Tea, yes. You, maybe. 🍵 At @alfredtea wearing my @soludos 🥑 #alfredtea #kelly25
The struggle of taking a photo on a moving car 🚙 Sweater c/o @eraofartists + #kelly25
Donut the size of my face @unistudios 🍩
Can't believe I won a #chanel wallet from @dan_am_i 😱 My mom took this photo and then I cracked her iPhone screen shortly after 😭
My little #hermesrodeo stable on the mini #kelly25 🐎 I want to follow more purse pages, so tag any that you love!👇🏻 Happy Tuesday~
Happily dancing in my VIP seat at the #clippersgame 🏀 Love dancing? Be sure to find a #ZumbaClass near you on www.zumba.com! 💃🏻 @zumba #sponsored #zmoji
Throwback to tanner days 🌞 Should start planning my next getaway 🤔 I am free as a bird since I graduated #bloggerlife What's your dream destination? ✨
Casual outfit at @alfredtea 🍵 #Alfredtea #melroseplace #teayesyoumaybe Also, say hi to my belly fat that I can't photoshop out cus a tiled background reveals any slimming edits 😭😂
Tried #butterbeer for the first time! 🍺 Watch my @unistudios adventures on my Insta story before they disappear 🎢 #WizardingWorldHollywood
My anaconda don't want none unless you go buns, hun 🍔 @innout before heading to @unistudios 😋
See what I did at @gellyfit today on my Insta story 💕 Sweater c/o @eraofartists 😬 #kelly25
What kind of photos do you think I should post more of? 👇🏻📷