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If there is one positive thing that arises from tragedy let it be the spotlight being shown on powerful, articulate, and thoughtful activists. Not all of us feel we are natural-born leaders, but so many of us are upset and confused and fear that change isn’t possible; that’s why we need to listen, support, and protect young activists, like Emma Gonzalez. The children are our future, a future that is forming every single day by every single action we make. She is absolutely right in asking The President those questions. The government has always been good at hiding things from the public, so it’s our job to not only uncover these secrets but to TAKE ACTION. The amount of money our gov officials are taking from the NRA is out there, it’s time for us to demand a change! (Repost video @veryemilyrobinson)
When Kora met Jesse ⚡️ Yep Jesse’s back March 6th on @cwtheflash 😏 #KoraTheKleeKai
Multimoods 🎀 with the homie @stormshoots
Smiling in support of a super rad chick and her super rad sustainable clothing line @lifeafterdeathdenim ♻️ Made from recycled materials and environmentally-friendly procedures. Check out her stuff over on her insta. Keep crushing it Mary! 💚
^^ Brought to you by an amazing team of talented and powerful women. Thank you ladies for ~killing it~ ♥️ Feature up in @theartofhairstyling bio 📸 @angelamarklew 💁🏻‍♀️ @hairbyashleyh 💄 @jadynngo 💍 @jenniferbehr
Fulfill all your laundromat fairytales in @eyelidkid’s new music video for Rosegold 💦 Link in bio 💕 @mache.digital @ryan.berg.a @adanlangbaum
GSW v OKC 😫 I owe Paul a car wash
The weight of a kingdom is so heavy 🐉 Anyone got a neck brace?
Meet Lily ♥️ Catch episodes 1 and 2 of @theresidentonfox back to back tonight and tomorrow night on Fox 🚑
Ahhhzabenababadeeseebaba 🦁 #KoraTheKleeKai
Thank you for your bravery, intelligence, and grace. You’ve made the world a better place ♡ In your honor, and countless others, we must continue to make it better. Spread love and understanding not judgement and hate. Love people for you they are, not despite it ♡ “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about  things that matter.”