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i like pineapple pizza so there get over it

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After 23 hours in a plane, we're finally here ☁️ #Singapore @lloydsinn
UK Skins taught us everything we know #helmet
💛 #35mm
A dance. Interpreted.
Throwback to Ken and Barbie in the heat of it all #35mm
Throwback to Libra Lake Boiz Reunion Tour circa 2017 #35mm
🌙 #35mm
Round and round we go
drink // park
Two weeks ago I thought to myself when purchasing an old 35mm camera, 'Now is the time to make art, Violett. Go hither and thither and create what you were always meant to.' Just developed my first roll. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you... ART
🖤 W R A P P E D 🖤 #TruthOrDare