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Still no new content ☹️ busy busy busy! If you haven't already, check out the blog post I wrote for Princess Polly on their website now! ✨✨ Outfits & Trends based on your Star Sign ♈️♉️♎️♍️♌️♋️♊️♏️♓️♒️♑️
🎃👘✨🦁🍁✨🔥☄️🍊✨ me and Sam are on a diet and honestly why do humans even gain weight why can't I eat whatever I want thnxxxx
Time to start like, realising how much cool shit you can buy from @ownsaviourshop ❗️❕❗️❕ Use the discount code 'CHLOE15' at the checkout and buy cool tees just like this one! ✨🔥 (skirt from @forever21)
BANG BANG ⭐️ back to London todayyyy 🌈🌈 hey if you fancy a tee like this head to @ownsaviourshop and use the discount code CHLOE15 😛 AND if you're a UQ student who lives for @princesspollyboutique go to
See you London, back soon! 🌈✨
Dr. T.J. Eckleburg: a forgotten occultist whose eyes brooded over it all... Like the eyes of god. 🍸
Found this old thing in the weekend Muse archives and thought it was fierce! I'm shooting tomorrow with my bae @virtual_escapism so get ready for heaps of new content 😈😈😈
Never walk through life with acai on your lip. ✨🍇
Ya'll KNOW I am a sucker for statement earrings ✨so when I got these gorgeous pair from @hayleyscreativenotions I was super excited! 🌈💖 they're so different to what I would usually wear but they make such a difference to my outfit today! LOVE 💅🏻
Sulking. What else? 🌈✨
That's no moon... that's a space station! 📡 feeling like I work on the Death Star in this groovy jacket from @bronzesnakeshop
I got raindrops on my top top 💦 newbies from @bronzesnakeshop