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Sweet Vietnamese coffee. Sugar Coffee Condensed sweet milk.
I believe this mushroom/fungus is Aleuria aurantia also known as the orange peel fungus and is a cup fungi. This bright orange fungus has a brittle fruiting body consisting of several folds that look like several small cups, hence the name. A. aurantia is small, growing up to 4".The underside is felt-looking and white. A. aurantia is stalk-less and often grows in clusters as on dead wood.
Samovars at the White Elephant Sale
A Star is Born! Almond Milk Yogurt!
Cashewgurt is delicious!
Strawberry Cashewgurt: So Yum!
Happy New Year Samurais! Be Vibrant in 2018!
Merry Christmas!
1 John 4:9
VW Tank Girl Mod in Northern Califas
Chocolate Ice Cream in a jar. What are you grateful for?
San Francisco Bay Area's most popular Thanksgiving green: Brussel Stalks. What are you grateful for?
You are never too old, or too young, or too anything to learn a new skill! - Ride Safely: Wear Gear 🤕