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So this is what happened when I set my groceries down inside the front door and my dog found the Spinach & Goat Cheese pizza!
Thanksgiving at Wholefoods
What are you grateful for? (1 chronicles 29:13)
Happy Thanksgiving
Homemade xylophone made of wine bottles and a milk crate. Amazing array of musical notes he was able to get out of tapping those bottles to make street music.
Dragonfruit Kombucha
The integrity cookie at EA (Electronic Arts Game Design) is a real chocolate chip cookie that is more than 20 years old. It sits in their History/Awards case to remind their employees to use integrity in their game designs.  I was there Friday for the Day One release of "Battlefield 1" Good game good people!
Kiwi Berries are smooth hairless mini-kiwis about the size of a grape.  So gooood. Things I found at the .99 cents store!
Things I found at the .99 cents store!
Things I found at the .99 cents store!
Delicious! I am desperately seeking more!!
Things I've never seen before: Black-Eyed Peas In a jar.