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@laddershq Lindsay Tigar asks Angela + Evelyn 'What it’s like working with your BFF?'⠀
“Being a founder can be a lonely experience, with an inordinate amount of pressure, so I feel so lucky to have a real partner in the trenches. She jokes that she married me first and she’s so right. I talk to her more than anyone else I know — even more than Daniel,” Evelyn shares. ⠀
“Co-founding a company with someone is a huge decision. There has to be tremendous trust and mutual respect. And before you make the leap, you have to make sure you’re aligned on the important stuff — like ethics and values.”⠀
Blend Highlight: Garden Party⠀
Filled with sweet potato, split pea, carrot, apple, and some ginger powder. This is a party your little one won't want to miss. ⠀
Parenthood is the Olympics of the balancing act. To help with this gold level challenge 🤹‍♀️ all of our plans are nutrient-dense and low in total sugar. We make sure our meals are perfectly balanced by adding a mix of veggies, fruits, plant-based proteins and healthy fats. 📚#doitforthebabes
This weekend is gonna be toasty 🌞 Cool your little one down with our yummy Razzie Chia blend found only in Blue Week. Razzle dazzle your little ones lunch. ✨
Grow with Us⠀
Every ingredient has a purpose. Our meals and content are tailored to your baby’s development. We call it intelligent design, babies call it yummmblduufhggjdjdglugggff. 💕
A Fact About Building Your Babes Taste Preferences:⠀
"In a 2013 study conducted across three countries in Europe, researchers found that 'increasing variety and frequency of vegetable offering between 6 and 12 months, when children are most receptive, may promote vegetable consumption in children.' " #doitforthebabes
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#wcw Mama @ali_r_bird by Mama @cassblackbird ♥️
From Our Kitchen: Homemade Apple Sauce⠀
"Apple Sauce is a classic, and our version is going to become a household staple – guaranteed! We make our apple sauce with no added sugar. Instead, we add lucuma, the dried powder of a green Peruvian fruit. Lucuma is used as a low-glycemic sweetener, and has a subtle maple flavor. It’s an excellent source of fiber, minerals and vitamins (especially B3!). Furthermore, it’s the perfect way to sweeten your applesauce, without actually adding sugar. This way, you can feel comfortable giving it to your babe.⠀
In addition to lucuma, we flavor our applesauce with cinnamon and nutmeg. It will smell and taste like fall – but we promise you can enjoy it at any time of year 😉”⠀
Check the blog for the full recipe ♥️⠀
“Fruit Scandal: Kiwis
...They’re really from China, and they’re technically called gooseberries, according to a groundbreaking report from Timethat will alter the course of trivia nights nationwide. The Time report states that gooseberries were originally transplanted to New Zealand in 1904 when a school teacher brought the seeds back from China and gave them to a farmer, who planted them and grew the island’s first gooseberry tree in 1910.” -Men’s Health 🥝
Our Ratatouille blend is rich in folate, which aids in the production of proteins and the formation of blood cells. Also, the rich supply of calcium and magnesium supports normal nerve and muscle function and sleep. 👩‍🍳 🥒🍅#superfoodforsuperbabies
Your babe every time you try to put pants or socks on them 🙈 #mondaysbelike
Avocados are the good kind of fat and packed with tons of minerals! They don't call it super for nothing. 🥑 💪 #yumibaby #repost
It may be Friday the 13th🧟‍♀️, but, it's still Friday 🙆‍♀️ #coachellaweekend