There are a lot of reasons to run, to stay in shape, be part of community, to suffer. But the best reason is to have fun. I almost didn’t get out there today, but those few miles under the last of that autumn sunset where incredible and a real enjoyment.
No question. Fall is the best time to run, not even open for debate.
You’re going to have to just take my word on how glorious the colors where out there today.
Max and I found a huge chess piece. Naturally we made silly faces in front of it.
Seriously, Dallas. The road running game here is strong. Also, I’m choosing to see these concrete cows as a vegan statement.
How do you not take a runfie in the graffiti tunnel
Miniature train ride was pretty legit. My albino deer friend even made an appearance.
Last Saturday was a bit different than grocery store and soccer games. Time to get hustling again tomorrow #kurtstienparascopecamera
My feet are still quite swollen. #ouch
This year’s #grvr17 came with a buckle. Just an incredible weekend with my fellow @lasthorserunners Traveller did not disappoint!
If you look close enough, you can tell I don’t know what I’m doing. Great to see @run.the.ultras @kpruns100 @traildawg92 @vertical_runner and @trail.padre. The @lasthorserunners also took some dank polaroids.
Quick survey. Are you more excited about @lasthorserunners hoodies? Or Mr.Robot coming back next week? I say why choose.