There is a myriad of textures and colors that can be found in the desert. It's an endless source of inspiration and a bit overwhelming when you're trying to make the most of your time! #desert #textures #nevada #california
A rare sight in the Badwater Basin -- rain. At -282 feet, the salt flats are the lowest point in North America and receive an average of fewer than 2 inches of rain a year. @bekahherndon and I just returned from one of America’s great natural treasures. #deathvalley #nationalpark #california #badwater
Some of my favorite people are ones that can pursue something with serious dedication without taking themselves too seriously as individuals. Thanks for your unserious devotion @jessroskelley. 😂 Head over to @thenorthface_climb to see some more ridiculous images! #TNF #doubleexposure #unseriousdevotion
#Repost — Jess Roskelley joined our team and sent us over some photos. We’re glad he feels this is his best foot forward. In addition to his modeling career, Jess happens to be a very accomplished climber, putting up alpine first ascents in Washington and Alaska. “Mountains help me navigate what's most important to me. They balance the chaos that is regular life. Balance is what I look to accomplish with climbing - a balance of life, love and mountains. Alpine climbing is a lifelong activity. I live and breathe it.” Words by @JessRoskelley

Welcome to the fam, Jess. 
Photos by @DonofHern
A paraglider soars out over the confluence of the Clearwater River and Snake River in the Lewis-Clark Valley along the Washington-Idaho border this afternoon. Thanks for coming out Nate and Darrell!  #paragliding #snakeriver #clearwaterriver #idaho #washington #fly @n8_2you
Portrait of alpinist John Roskelley in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada, 2/2016. Mr. Roskelley was recently awarded an Honorary Membership by the American Alpine Club (their highest honor) for outstanding contributions to the mountaineering and climbing community, including the first ascent of Nanda Devi's Northwest Face (1976), first ascent of Great Trango Tower (1977), and the first ascent of Makalu (1980)-- source: Alpinist website. Even more so than his achievements at altitude and on paper, I appreciate John's integrity, drive, good sense of humor, and lack of pretense. Congrats John! #aac #johnroskelley #alpinist #portrait #canada #kootenay #nationalparks @americanalpine
Das Fischer is now streaming via Amazon Prime in the U.S. and U.K.! If you enjoy it please do give it a review. It was kind of grainy starting out when I checked it last night so I'm looking into that. An enormous thanks again to everyone that helped out with it. Link in my profile! #DasFischer #comedy #short #benherndon @andyabrams24 @coffeertw @bartbudwig @jamesengerbretson @soundbrigade @ianshivephoto @austinstorm
Spring wheat after a passing storm. Photo: 5/2016 #palouse #agriculture #wheat #northwest
Kyler Pallister on some stout pocketed limestone outside Cuenca, Spain. The dust-tinted skies were from clouds of Saharan dust blowing north from Africa. Photo: 2/2017 #spain #climb #climbing #cuenca #europe @mctapioca
@nmacconnel gearing up for some early morning SUP back in 7/2014. #SUP #NRS #standuppaddle #wawawai @nrsweb
Post-apocalyptic river surfing. Photo: 11/2017 #mt #montana #surf #surfing @jamesengerbretson #SURFERphotos
Eric Anderson of @cataldomusic, yet another northwest musical treasure. photo: 10/2017 #modestmusicfest #cataldo #music #band @nhwolff @hmswolff @bartbudwig
Kootenay National Park -- though a little less lauded than it's nearby neighbors Banff and Jasper National Parks, Kootenay is a stunner in its own right. Here's @alliroskelley taking advantage of the nice temperatures this weekend on a quick ice climbing trip along with @jessroskelley and @clinthelander. It was my first time on real skis and I spent a good amount of time awkwardly sidestepping down any semi-steepish bit in between attempts at staying upright. #canada #bc #britishcolumbia #ski #skiing #backcountry