Well folks, after a very long & what seemed like very stagnant at times, 8 months... The farm next door, was officially sold to our new neighbours. It's been quite a journey of rumours & speculation, but for me - it's been inspiring, heartwarming, fruitful & quite beautiful... After just two Facebook posts... you beautiful, wonderful lot pledged nearly half a million pounds in support of me buying next door!! Without much more pushing we had nearly £1 million in pledges, a board of willing trustees & The Biodynamic Land Trust all in agreement & ready to take us on as their biggest community land trust farm buy out so far. Then the Chick's came along, a local farming family - Rebecca the third generation of tenant farmers in a nearby village & her husband Ian, who had a chance & a dream to set up their own farm. There were horror stories of industrial farm plans, streams of lorries & unhappy pigs... we talked, I listened, the plans were for a very high welfare pig farm (yes indoors) but not like I was fearing, no plans to cultivate or poison, plans to plant trees, enhance habitats & open up to the public. So I told them I would support them & not enter into competitive bidding... then nothing happened... months and months rolled by and things moved so slowly everyone here though it wasn't going ahead... so we lay in wait, ready to pounce with bids & pledges & plans... then things suddenly started moving a few weeks ago... but in the final days again it looked like it might all collapse... my heart skipped a little flutter of 'shall we be farming another 93 acres next month..?' But then it all went through. So our dear friend & neighbour Tony will soon be gone, our new neighbours are grinning with excitement and plans, and I am reminded of the ever present principle 'small & slow'... The most wonderful outcome for us, by sticking our heads above the parapet & saying... we can handle more land... Two separate village families have entrusted us with two separate (but adjoining) fields to manage, graze, enhance, and enjoy over the foreseeable, for the handsome fee of a Christmas turkey. So thank you all, from the bottom of my heart for your support & pledges x x x

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