Here is the latest update on this interesting project. We are building a sculpture that is a replica of historically significant dwelling in Washington DC. Compare the sketch with the piece folded and transported to the site. Stay tuned for the next step... June 2017 commemorates the 150th anniversary of the first land sale of one-acre plots of historic Barry Farm which was established by the Freedman’s Bureau In 1867. The first sale was on June 27, 1867 to Rev. Richard A. Hall.This land of 375 acres served as the settlement for African Americans who built homes, established churches and schools and created a vibrant community. If You Lived Here seeks to commemorate the founding of this community, and also to reflect on how we live today. Visitors will draw parallels between the past and the present through a series of interactive, tactile, and creative activities. for more info. #ifyoulivedhere

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