Please turn your Scentsy warmer on today in dedication to those who don't have one. We can only imagine their struggle. Finger cramps from spraying cans intensely for 5 minutes in the hope that it leaves some sort of smell after they stop... or third degree burns from attempting to light a candle by trying to squeeze their fingers into the jar to reach the wick. We turn our warmers on for those who have bought a discount chain alternative and ended up regretting it because their warmer is lacking in pizazz and their wax smelled good for all of 5 minutes. We turn our warmers on for those who don't realize they're safe to use around kids and pets and needlessly endure the smell of litter box, wet dog, and stinky diapers. Please throw a cube in your Scentsy warmer dish today and thank your lucky stars that you have such a beautiful & safe way to scent up your entire home easily and effortlessly! ❤❤ #ichoosescentsy #scentsy #putyournoseinmybusiness #scentofthemonth #ilovemyjob #candles #smellgood #wax #photoaday #scentsysnapshot

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