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When I ask,
she says she cannot tell.
She is in a conundrum
how to explain because she wants to.
She talks like she is standing in rain
that is washing her off all colours and I can only see.
She has been sad for far too long.
She tells me she wants to die
and I am already dead and
helpless at the sound of it.
She is fenced by sadness
I cannot jump over.
I tell her sadness keeps on going away
and coming back time to time
don't let it over power you
and a million things more
which I swallow at the sight of broken her.
She asks when will it go away,
I tell her it will go away soon.
I tell her she fills me
with too much happiness that
I want to colour
her sunflower heart yellow.
She tells me she is
dying waiting.
I pray and wish
she smiles again willingly
and keep repeating
it will leave soon
it will leave soon
it will leave soon

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