We are so excited about our upcoming international meeting of #AtlasPROfilax practitioners in Frascati near #Rome (#Italy)! 😃 "Advances in MRI to measure muscle and nerve physiology" by Dr Aart Nederveen from #Amsterdam will be one of the presentations there. 👨‍⚕️ Dr Nederveen is working in the field of research and radiology. Actually, he's a medical physicist, but no radiologist. His focus lies on the design and validation of new #MRI methods, mainly in the field of #neurovascular #imaging.
Dr Nederveen's general research goal is to develop new clinical MRI methods. This entails the design of new MRI methods for clinical use, their technical and clinical validation and ultimately advising on their clinical utilization. MRI research in the Academic Medical Center (AMC Amsterdam) currently focuses on neurovascular (vessel wall imaging, arterial spin labeling) and muscular (DTI) imaging. This research is conducted in close collaboration with the departments of Vascular Medicine, Biomedical Engineering and Physics, Neurology, Psychiatry and the Brain Imaging Centre (BIC) in the AMC.
In Rome, we want to get the connection to the imaging of what happens with the #muscles and #fascia before, during and after the AtlasPROfilax #treatment! The presentation will be taped and made available after the #conference.
The image above shows cerebral blood flow and is taken from Dr Nederveen's research activities. It uses arterial spin labeling (ASL). ASL is an emerging magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique for the quantification of whole brain perfusion.
Imaging of the AtlasPROfilax method will provide a better understanding of our treatment and its effectiveness. This also explains why we are so excited about our Rome #event...! 🤓

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