This week, I discussed about two major preventions for postpartum depression, how it's difficult to spot and the confusions, and today I want to touch on the resources available to you.⠀

There are 3 simple ways to seek professional treatment and what provider is right for you.⠀
1. You can get a referral from a Primary Care Physician⠀
2. Referral from a well-child visit (which I love because you're going to be there frequently anyway!)⠀
3. Direct provider contact⠀

There are a number of providers out there:⠀
*Clinical Social Worker⠀
*Licensed Professional Counselor⠀
*Marriage and Family Therapist⠀
*Clinical Psychologist⠀

There are also in-person support groups as well as warmlines/hotlines. The biggest takeaway I want you to get is that you want someone explicitly trained as a mental health care provider, with a specialty in maternal mental health.⠀

If you're looking for support outside of these avenues, I'd welcome you to check out my Natural Postpartum Support group in FB. Just search Natural Postpartum Support in the search bar.

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Natural Postpartum SupportNatural Postpartum Support