Have you ever noticed this monument in Wellington?

Explore Wellington with our professional guides. Book a tour today, visit www.welligtononfoot.co.nz ----- This monument is dedicated to a #doggo named Paddy The Wander, also known as The Irish Flying Dutchman.

Paddy was a stray Airedale Terrier, well-known thoughout #Wellington during the Great #Depression.

He became a symbol of the workers on the waterfront, and a favourite for #sailors. Even being appointed by the Wellington Harbourboard as an Assistant Night Watchman charged with keeping guard for "pirates, smugglers and rodents." Famous for greeting sailors on the waterfront and often stowing-away on coastal steamers. Paddy is also known to have made his way across the #Tasman several times (as a stowaway), flown in a gypsy moth (as a guest), and is even rumored once to have made it to San Francisco and back.

At one point, he narrowly avoided being the victim of a dognapping plot perpetrated by the citizens of Auckland.

He died during a cold snap in Winter 1939, and his body was found behind Shed 1. He was escorted to his memorial service by the local police and a parade of twelve taxicabs.

His memorial service brought the city to a halt to mourn his passing, and was funded by money raised by the Ladies' Auxilliary of the #RSPCA.

This monument was constructed in 1945 using stones from London's bomb damaged Waterloo Bridge and was paid for "by Paddy's Many Friends." Today we remember Paddy The Wanderer as a symbol of the workers on the Wellington Waterfront.

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