I found this necklace a couple months into my pregnancy. It had belonged to Billy's Nana. She passed away about 7 years ago and while she was another mother for Billy and his brother, she was the closest thing I ever had to my own grandparent...and she was the best. We'd sit together for hours watching crime shows, talk about anything and everything..she pretty much became my best friend.

I felt lucky when I found this. I wore it everyday during my pregnancy. I know Nana would have wanted to be part of this journey as much as we wish she and Billy's mother could be. I know I don't feel the loss like he does for the two of them but I think of them all the time, wishing they were here with us. Wishing they could be part of Luna's life. Wearing this necklace is just a small way of having them physically be with us. 📷 @houseofamsel

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