It is not I am showcasing my body for the seek of nudity! I am showing my hard work and my gratitude that I can prove that when your are so passionate about something you can achieve it! I dare you to look at my pictures one month ago - the difference is not only noticeable ! I completely changed!
And here's when I say you have to let go of your ego , your needs that you know will push you back and focus on the end goal!
Don't only wish for it - make it the first picture that will pop up in your head the minute you wake up and the last one before you close your eyes at night!
This comes to any goal any desire !
You wanna be something in your life? Fight for it like there is no tomorrow!
What I constantly hear when I talk to people is excuses! Excuses for not putting themselves in a position that makes them uncomfortable!
Cause nothing is given to someone without sweat , tears , hard work !
Hard work always pays off and if you lose?
You know you you will get out stronger from it!
So it's a win!
I don't need any type of motivation to keep me going ! My motivation is my willpower to destroy anything that will get into my way! I consider myself a fighter because this is my attitude in life and this is what will help me get somewhere! Sitting at home and wondering what if or complaining won't !
So whatever bothers you at the moment or goes wrong put it down and don't waste one more second to pity you! You deserve more than that , you deserve a fight that will make things right for you !!!

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