I was pleasantly surprised to come across this article today in the @strongfirst archives about how lifting stones aligns with StrongFirst. A great read by @drjewett07 .

As a StrongFirst instructor getting into stones, I’ve noticed that stones make me stronger in my kettlebell training and barbell work.
As Dr. Jewett says in his article in reference to his own training, “lifting stones will build a certain kind of strength that cannot be attained using other implements. It will reveal gaps in your ability to create tension and in setting the position of your trunk.” •
He goes on to say to not replace stones with your other training tools but to implement stones as a skill for increased strength. I agree with him 100%

If you’re interested in incorporating stone training into your repertoire, let me know. We have stones of every size and shape @blackflagstrengthandfitness and offer skill sessions!

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