Friday Favourites!
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You’re my favs any day of the week, but I’m using #fridayfavourites as an opportunity to say
Thank you 😘
Friends I recently recounted my story of how I came to be a food stylist to a local journalist.
When I was approached by a national food magazine ( 16 yrs ago - gulp!) I had no idea there was an actual job called “food styling” I was fortunate, or lucky, I say blessed to meet 2 ladies who literally changed the course of my life, and they in turn introduced me to a whole lot of other amazing people. They are my Caxton ladies, from day one my biggest supporters, enthusiasts and encouragers, always willing to applaud me in whatever I do, right up until today with a feature by the awesome @kymargo in the @get_it_joburg_north magazine ☺️
Friends this is not a humble brag.
This is a sincere and heartfelt shout out to some very special people whom I deeply value.
Today I read an awesome quote “ empowered woman, empower women “
It totally inspired me to write this !
Tag two people in the comments you want to give a shout out to! 👊🏻
Ps. The black garlic is my current fav ingredient- but by no means a reflection on my lovely ladies that I mention them in the same post as garlic.
Happy Friday friends
I’m grateful to you to !
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