WHY? ( part 2)
Why am I doing the food styling courses?
“I had no idea there was even a job called food styling. “
This is what I told a local journalist when she interviewed me about my food styling courses. 
I mentioned in a previous post that I was approached by a national food magazine to work for them.
16 years ago.
I knew I could cook, I knew I had a good eye for design, and style. and I knew that I had plenty of passion and commitment.
what I didn’t know was how to start, how to learn this “art” how to even do my “job”
No Pinterest, instagram, or YouTube to help me.
Trail and error.
7 years later I moved from editorial styling to full time commercial styling.
Advertising. Billboards. Television commercials.
And still no one to train me, teach me, or even share with me.
I figured it all out.
Trail, error, and way way too many frustrated tears.
Why ? after all this hard-work, headache and heartache would I want to now teach others.
Why ? ’’spill the beans” why risk giving “it” all away.
Why potentially teach myself out of “work” or a “ job”
My big why, is why not?
Why not share so that others with passion and enthusiasm don’t have to struggle like I did.
Why not create a community that recognizes and supports creativity over competition.
Why not give to others what I never had, resources, information, and connection.
Why not support others so that they don’t have to struggle alone.
Thats my WHY ! 🙌🏻
why dont you join me ?
Double tap and show some ❤️
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