“A rising tide lifts all the boats “
A friend comments that you are doing really well in “life,” otherwise called “ killing it “ on social media.
And the only thing you feel capable of killing is the annoying fly in your office.
A colleague mentions how you’re nailing it at work - moving and shaking and getting things done.
And the only thing you want to move or shake is the annoying client who just “ doesn’t get it”
An associate or your competitor starts “upping their game” to match yours.
And you feel intimidated or threatened. Or worse, jealous and insecure.
I get it, and that’s why I’m here to tell you anytime you notice any of these things or feelings friends, know that it’s a good thing !!!
Making others uncomfortable is not the goal or the aim, living your best life is.
And if that challenges those around you, if that causes them to want to take steps out of their comfort zone, yay.
If that moves them to change things up in their own lives or with their own circumstances that’s a good good thing.
Because WHY,
A rising tide lifts all the boats 🚣‍♀️
Go get ‘em friends.
Chin up.
We got this xxx
📷 @libbyedwardsa

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