👓☀️🌈Hey do you know my fren Asher? He lost his brother Eli to neuroblastoma in February. He was only 4 years old. Did you also know that we make a memorial #MickeyMouse collar for Eli? And 100% of the proceeds from that collar go straight to his family?
Well now you know. 🐭🎗🐭
Wear these collars and t shirts and tell people. Tell them that these kids are dying EVERYDAY and they don’t have to. A kid dies every 16 hours from neuroblastoma. Why are we okay with this?
I’m not. I’m working towards changing it. Join me.

Get Eli’s memorial collar (or leash!) right here
https://etsy.me/2qKQdCh ❤️❤️🎗🎗❤️❤️

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