Fountain of life. ⚒🌿⚙️ Speaking of #biomechanics - the term for describing what we #adjust overall with the #AtlasPROfilax treatment. I got my treatment back in August 2005 in #Hamburg by a friend and though I hadn’t had any major #ailments before, I immediately sensed a better range of #motion and felt a kind of relief around the #neck area and also in my #head. 🏃🏼‍♂️ As a passionate #runner and lover of all kind of #sports, I also got the impression that my #coordination and body balance was getting better. Of course, I know today that our method changes the center of gravity in the #body and releases a constant muscle tension that was caused by compensating bad or not optimum #posture.
The #atlas is connected to several muscles and its #malrotation can cause a lot of problems in our whole body. Putting our whole #system back into the biomechanical wonder that it is, we‘ve experienced so many positive developments with almost 3 million clients treated worldwide that every single AtlasPROfilax application feels like the first one. Although there can be no guarantee or forecast regarding the outcome and effects of applying our method, we recommend to have it done for everybody - for several reasons: it can improve your posture, it‘s preventative, it helps with the effectiveness of other treatments and therapies (#osteopathy, #chiropractics, #physiotherapy etc.) and last but not least, you‘ll never know until you try!
The #realignment of the first cervical #vertebra is not a miracle cure. We’ve found especially that a collaboration with other specialists brings the best results in the long run. A lot of our practitioners are offering a wide range of additional and subsequent treatments in order to support the process initiated by our treatment as well as possible. The atlas as part of the atlanto-occipital #joint is a #key position in the body. Therefore, it should be in #balance. ⚖️ 😅 Having returned from my morning run a few minutes ago, all of this seems even clearer and more logic. Although we still don’t understand all details of all of the processes involved in the neck area and connected parts of the body, we know really a lot meanwhile. 🤓

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