This year, I chose to focus on the word “present.” For the past five months I’ve been trying to be more intentional with my time, worrying less about work and more about just soaking in life. ⠀

Quite frankly, I fail miserably at least 90% of the time. ⠀

I’m a workaholic. And when I’m not physically working, I’m mentally formulating a list or game plan about what I’ll do next... whenever I start working again. ⠀

For the first time in, well, as long as I can remember...I don’t have a wedding to capture on Memorial Day weekend. I put up an auto-response on my email for four days & checked out of my office til Tuesday. ⠀

So despite feeling shockingly similar to a fish out of water, I’m taking a break from the photography world this weekend to rest & simply do life. Nothing fancy. Nothing perfect. Just real & raw & uninterrupted. ⠀

Two days down. Two to go. ⠀
I’ll see you all on Tuesday. 💕⠀

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