‼️Hey guys!! ‼️ I’m sure a lot of you have been following Oliver’s story online now it’s time for us to help. We did a GREAT job with Madison! We hit it out of the park! Now Oliver’s family really needs us. He has a fight ahead of him and his parents still have to deal with life and bills and meals. You can donate to Oliver via PayPal on our website right here 🌐🌐 Thegoodboyfoundation.com
(Pro tip: if you “friends and family” is money for Oliver on paypal there are no fees!) 🌐🌐 You can also send us money on Venmo or Zelle, or we will accept a good old fashioned check as well! 💸💰 Or you can always buy collars and t shirts, those funds are for Oliver right now as well.
Make sure to share!! The more people who know the more people can help!

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The Good Boy FoundationThe Good Boy Foundation