Encouraging Curiosity. We have a fine balance to strike as parents. Keeping our kids in line enough so they don’t end up in certain danger while giving them enough freedom to pursue their innate drive to learn and understand. And finding enough time to do it all. Here are a few easy ways we foster curiosity in our family.

1. Exposure. Taking a child out of their normal environment into another environment where they can see things in action they wouldn’t normally see. A mountain hike, a stroll down to the beach, a city stroll near construction, even kid museums like the Discovery Cube that put new images in their minds.

2. Questions before bed. As part of our bedtime routine, we ask, “What questions do you have about today?” Specifically, “Did you see something you didn’t understand or want to know more about?” It puts the kids in a mindset to remember their questions for later discussion and research.

3. Follow the child. Our kids are Montessori educated so we do try to reinforce this idea at home. We let them pick the activities we do together, let them try on their own before stepping in to help when they ask, and get excited about the things they like. It gives them the autonomy and reinforcement to pursue their interests.

4. Model Curiosity. We are parents with robust interests of our own and we model the Interest-Question-Research-Answer cycle with our kids. Many times, kids need to see us do as we teach. Verbalizing those steps to the kids is extremely helpful to them as well.
How do you foster curiosity in your kids?

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