Last night sitting on the couch in our new onesies ( coz when we sick we buy new pjs - I don’t know why it’s just a thing I do ) huddled in front of our gas heater watching Wimbledon tennis and snacking on lovely 70%Lindt chocolate - the one with sesame seeds 😍, ⠀
Ms S said, “ I miss Cape Town Mommy,” ⠀
So do I.⠀
We were only there for 10 days, so I think what she’s saying is she misses the freedom and spontaneity of the holiday, the time spent with family, the relaxing walks on the beach and the fun playing with our families pets.⠀
So here I am interrupting normal transmission to bring you a pic of Fish Hoek beach at sunset, while I take a quick lunch break between packing props, prepping food and loading my van for tomorrow’s TVC.⠀
I was feeling a little overwhelmed by everything on my To -Do list this week, work, sick child, birthday pressie shopping, anniversary pressie shopping, food for a family member who is moving etc.⠀
Until I stopped to post this pic and regroup, remind myself that this is the life I have chosen and created for myself, and if there are bits and parts of it I don’t like or want it’s up to me to make the necessary changes, to say no to some stuff, to delegate some stuff, and to do the other with a good attitude.⠀
I feel so much calmer after giving myself this little pep talk, I’m going to finish my tea and cheese sandwich and crack on ! ⠀
Happy Tuesday friends, remember overwhelm doesn’t need to overwhelm you.⠀
I’m here cheering you on! ⠀
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