Self care. As moms, we often prioritize everyone but ourselves. Personally, when I get too overloaded, my patience runs thin and my effectiveness as a mom dwindles and the only way back to balance is a little “me” time. I mentioned in my stories selfie that I had 5 people ask me this week if I am getting enough sleep. And though I appreciate their concern, I must be looking as tired and rundown as I feel so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite restful respites I am considering this weekend.

1. A beauty treatment of any kind. Whether it’s a new haircut, a facial, or even a mani pedi, taking the time to be pampered and groomed feels like a mini vacation.

2. Glorious uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is one of my first sacrifices when my time gets crunched but lack of sleep has such a profound effect on mood and perspective. Put someone else on night duty and get some ZZZs.
3. A workout, walk/run or swim. Did I say sleep is the first to go? Exercise is right next to it. From the looks of all the fit mommies in my IG community, it doesn’t look like all of us have this problem but I definitely put exercise aside when overwhelmed with life and getting back to it always boosts my mood with endorphins, clears my head and gives me life.
4. Pre-Kid Activity. There was a time when a nice cup of fruit tea in a comfy chair engulfed in a good book was a regular experience I took for granted. Now most of my reading is done by Audible, my tea drinking is done in a car while driving and there is little silence. Getting just an hour of this pre-kid life again would be so good for my soul.

5. Meditation. There is a reason so many successful people make meditation part of their daily routines. Meditation is and efficient way to get recentered, relaxed and ready to take on challenges. As little as 10 minutes can make time stretch into a significant mental escape.
What are some of your favorite self care activities?
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