Breastfeeding. We are weaning down to bedtime nursing only. 2 babies, over 4 years of my life, through 5 mastitis infections, going back to work and pumping during the day, we are almost at the end. Join us during Breastfeeding Week 2018 and share your breastfeeding stories and advice. Here are a few breastfeeding tips I share with new moms:

1. For the majority of women, breastfeeding is challenging and painful for the first month. You are not doing it wrong, it really is awful in the beginning and then our bodies adapt. Stick it out. It is worth it.

2. Newborns nurse around the clock. You are not underproducing. You are not starving your baby (except in very rare cases of medical conditions which a doctor or lactation consultant can help determine). Just let baby latch and nurse on demand and your supply will increase based on how often baby is nursing.

3. Don’t expect to get anything else but keeping baby fed done for the first month. Everything else can wait. Give yourself some grace.

4. Don’t focus on trying to make it to X number of months or years during the hard parts. Just get through the days and weeks.
5. Don’t judge other mothers for how they feed their babies. The harder you are on other moms, the harder you are being on yourself. Nurse because you want that for you and your family, not because you think it makes you better than moms who don’t. You’re doing your best. We’ll all doing our best.

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