Sometimes I just need to sit, by myself, next to books. Does anyone else do that? Lately, I've felt burnt out over my fiction book, #EmberDragonDaughter. I still love it and am committed to its success, but every once in a while I go through a season where I'm just "over it" and would rather jump into the business side of things and my future projects. Do any of you get like that? After a year and a half writing this epic fantasy I just needed a break.
I've started working on the draft again this week, and to help me get back in the mood I spent some time working on my #storybible with you all. You can watch it on my Instagram Live! It's up for a few more hours. I have more to work on tonight and then I'm back to writing and getting it ready for beta readers again. After some time away, I feel a lot clearer.
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