“Only that: we are here. This is what it means to swim in the tide, to walk the earth and feel it touch your feet. This is what it means to be alive.”
Madeline Miller - Circe
This week was the first week of college and I can proudly say it’s been a peaceful start. My favorite class is most definitely theatre, second is history, and third is english. I also take psychology but we haven’t really gotten into anything much. I’ve already been assigned so many research papers and quizzes 🙄
So school’s been okay for me, how is it for you? What’s your favorite class(es)?
I have been tagged by the beautiful @magnolia.branch for the #anythingbutbooks tag: ✨
favorite cartoon - Steven Universe and Curious George (a plus to living with tiny siblings) 🐵 ✨
favorite song - La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf what can you do for hours aside from reading - writing, daydreaming, and anything artsy ✨
what can you do that’s surprising - I can correctly tell you what time it is at the most random moments of the day without having to look at a clock (duhh) ✨
favorite fandom to learn about - I’m in way too many and am currently joining like 525600 of them ✨
name something you did last year - took a gap year after graduating high school ✨
what is your most recent project - joint YouTube channel with my little sis whoop whoop ✨
what do you often think about - oh goshhh I think way too much about the future ✨
what’s something people don’t know about you - I’m actually very insecure ✨
name one oddly specific thing you love - the feeling of the first wind of fall and breathing in the soothing smell of beeswax candles because it reminds me of my childhood in Florida when we’d open up all the windows of the house and run around during fall break with no worries in expecting the cold of winter
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