“You who suffer because you love, love still more. To die of love, is to live by it.” ✨ “You ask me what forces me to speak? A strange thing; my conscience.” ✨

Victor Hugo - Les Miserables (two quotes because Mr. Hugo speaks to me on another level) ✨✨
History is left behind by those who care enough to make something of it. That’s why I am so invested in making this all count, making sure I don’t leave without carving a single mark, the tiniest impression in this world.
Live and speak through love. God knows we need more of it in this material world.
Do you often think about the lives being shaped around you and how history is being made every single day? What theories/thoughts might you have that maybe you’ve never voiced or shared with anybody else?
The one and only @starburnt has tagged me in both the #bookishsins and #mybookishaddictions tags: 🥀 greed (a book you won’t lend out) -
an old copy I’ve practically devoured of a poetry book by Mary Ann Samyn
🥀 gluttony (a book you devoured) -
Between Shades of Gray and Salt to the Sea 🥀 sloth (a book sitting unread on your shelf for too long) - Gone with the Wind 🥀 lust (a boxed set) -
the City of Ember series 🥀 wrath (a book that disappointed me) -
Warcross 🥀 envy (a book you’d like to live in) -
no surprise here, The Magician’s Nephew 🥀 pride (prettiest book on your shelf) -
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (it’s a deep red with gold swirl designs on both the spine and the cover)
#mybookishaddiction 🐝 current read -
This Savage Song 🐝 first read of 2018 -
either Zenith or Warcross I can’t remember 🐝 a book that’s a good adaptation -
The Fault in Our Stars (though I’m not a fan) and To all the boys I’ve loved before 🐝 a book from your 2017 the pile that’s still in your 2018 the pile -
Good me Bad me
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