Listen friends. I’m gonna get really real about something that MAKE👏🏼ME👏🏼CRAZY👏🏼
.....might be long. Stick it out. This is important.
This photo makes me mad for a few reasons but let’s start with the blatant “pinkwashing” of so many products. You can walk into any store, during any month of the year and find yogurt, hairbrushes, and coffee mugs with pink ribbons on them. How much of that money do you think Breast cancer fighters/survivors/grieving families see?
Answer: NOT A LOT.
Some campaigns even require that consumers mail proof of purchase for a promoted item before the manufacturer donates a few cents per purchase to charity; some have a cap on the maximum amount donated, with all sales beyond this fixed limit benefiting only the company, not the promoted cause. Not sure where you stand on this but I think

THAT👏🏼IS👏🏼LYING👏🏼 It costs The Good Boy Foundation about $4 (sometimes more and sometimes less) to make a t shirt. They are $15. Do you know how much of that money ACTUAL REAL FAMILIES SEE? 💵💵
ELEVEN DOLLARS. 💵💵 Because I’m trying to RAISE AWARENESS AND SPREAD KINDNESS not promote my company and make money.
In 2012, the CEO of Susan G Komen, Nancy Brinker made $684,717.
WHOA. That seems like an awful lot for someone running a non profit.
The CEO of The Good Boy Foundation makes NOTHING and I plan to keep it that way.
Charity Navigator rates their pay package like this “This pay package is way outside the norm. It's about a quarter of a million dollars more than what we see for charities of this size. This is more than the head of the Red Cross is making for an organization that is one-tenth the size of the Red Cross.” 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑
🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑 Listen you guys.
I have had ENOUGH of big corporations (looking at you Major League Baseball, NFL, and Ford) making money and promoting their businesses off the backs of dead men and women under the guise of “breast cancer awareness”

Could you give our kids
Give us ONE MONTH to talk about childhood cancer before we put the pink stuff out.
ALL cancer sucks.
ALL cancer needs research.

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