🍂Guys, this is my first #preptober. Really. I’ve been doing #NaNoWriMo since 2014 and I have never prepped. I probably said I did a few times, but to my recollection it was probably something half-assed. 😂
I’m so excited about all of the brainstorming I’ve done so far - for not only this November’s projects, but also for the world of #EmberDragonDaughter. If prepping a story bible is part of the process for you, take a look at my author freebie library for a chapter planner and my shop for the #HappyStoryBible. I need charts like these to help organize the worlds in my brain! Interested? Send me a DM for a coupon.
What are your plans for this October and November? Are you like me, finally taking novel planning to the next level?
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