It's time for a #HydrotechofInstagram feature!

Sean Egen, in the spotlight today, is based in North Carolina with the South Atlantic Water Science Center. He is part of the center's hurricane response crew, which installed storm-tide sensors, verified streamgage data and collected high water marks along the North and South Carolina coasts before, during and after Hurricane Florence.
Sean has been with the USGS for 25 years, starting his career with @USGS in Miami. The best part of his day is being out in the field, especially on a beautiful day.
He is responsible for 15 streamgages, which he visits monthly, unless there are extreme weather events like storms that call for more frequent visits. His favorite gage is on Currituck Sound in Corolla, NC. The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful at the site!

He closely works with cooperators for the sites he oversees. He often partners with the Fish and Wildlife Service and other federal agencies, as well as state and local organizations.
As for some cool (and sometimes gross) things he has encountered in the field, he says, "While coming to a stop at a crossroad, a bald eagle flew up from a grassy area beside me and flew right in front of my truck carrying an opossum." After flying around with its large, furry meal, the eagle finally decided to tuck in on a field.

Another time, he was driving to a site on the Roanoke River and passed. . . a horse-drawn carriage! The carriage "was what you would expect to see Gypsies in from the movies or an old time carnival," he says. "There are so many neat and amazing things I have seen over the course of my career," Sean says. "Just remember to stop and appreciate the world around you." #streamgagesofinstagram #fieldwork #northcarolina #raleigh #streamgage #science #rainbow

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